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'[AVR] Atmel Product ENews - September 2005'
2005\09\06@225137 by Russell McMahon

Atmel Product ENews September 2005Latest Atmel news. Good enough to copy on.
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Welcome to the September Atmel Product ENews! This month's articles highlight some of our most recently introduced products and the news surrounding them. We also offer a copy of the newsletter online each month. Click here: <> if you would like to view it.
To search for new devices, documentation or updates made in the last 30 days, bookmark Atmel's What's Changed database at

*** Atmel's "Deterministic" ARM7 MCUs Combine Ethernet, CAN, USB, Encryption with Support for Real-time Applications

Atmel has launched the industry's first two ARM7-based, Flash MCUs with embedded 10/100 Ethernet MAC, CAN, full-speed (12 Mbps) USB 2.0 and a high-speed AES/3DES encryption engine. Designed for extensively networked, real-time embedded systems, the AT91SAM7X128 and AT91SAM7X256 also have a 10-bit ADC, two SPIs, SSC, TWI, three UARTs, an 8-level priority interrupt controller, and a full complement of supervisory functions. The two new 50 MIPS MCUs have 32- or 64 Kb of SRAM and 128- or 256 Kb of 25 ns Flash memory that supports deterministic processing as required for real-time control systems.
Atmel Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for Its Outstanding Performance in the Smart Card Market
Recently, Atmel was been presented with the Frost & Sullivan 2005 Award for "Global Market Penetration Leadership" in recognition of its outstanding achievement in the smart card market over 2004.
In particular, the award commends the U.S.-based Atmel for capturing the number two position in the Microcontroller IC market in terms of unit shipments and technology development with an enhanced product mix.
To finish reading about this award, please click here:

*** USB Bridge Device Based on the AVR® Microcontroller, AT76C713, Presented 2005 Reader Award from Embedded Control Europe
Embedded Control Europe magazine recently announced the embedded product new stories which have generated the highest interest among their readers in the first half of 2005. The article regarding the AT76C713 received the Gold award in the Micros & DSP category. To review the entire article, please go to:

World's Fastest Analog-to-Digital Converter Integrating 1:4 Demultiplexed Outputs Targets High-Speed Data Acquisition and Test Equipment
New 10-bit 2 Gsps ADC Offers 33% Sampling Speed Improvement Over Other ADC & DMUX Combinations

Atmel recently announced the second in a series of high-speed integrated ADC and DMUX devices, with a new 10-bit ADC offering a clock frequency of 2 Gsps, and an embedded 1:4 LVDS demultiplexer for direct interface with standard FPGAs.
The new AT84AS004TP is fully-compatible with Atmel's AT84AS003TP 10-bit 1.5 Gsps ADC and DMUX released earlier this year, providing identical form-factor, pinout and functions. It allows easy upgrade from existing designs operating at slower data rates or the possibility of creating a family of products from the same board design, for high-speed digitization applications such as broadband test & measurement equipment, high speed data acquisition, telecommunications and defense.
To finish reading this press release, please click here:

FingerGear Announces USB Flash Drive with Onboard Fingerprint Authentication Featuring Atmel's FingerChip, AES Encryption, and LCD Display
Secure Storage Device Also Generates One-Time Passwords
Atmel and FingerGear®, the newly formed consumer products division of biometrics technology leader Bionopoly LLC, announced today the immediate availability of a new biometric USB Flash Drive featuring software-free operation and a large font LCD display for the ultimate user-friendly experience. The Bio USB Flash Drive, which features the Atmel FingerChip® Sensor, also includes the built-in capability of generating a One-Time Password from a fingerprint match.
To continue readin this press release, please click here:

Atmel's Applications Journal
The Atmel Applications Journal examines many of today's hot applications and key market dynamics that our products best address, application notes, reference designs tips and new ways to design with Atmel.
Companies and individuals supporting Atmel technologies are invited to participate in any or all the issues published throughout the year. Obtain more information on how to contribute to the Atmel Applications Journal here.

Atmel is Everywhere in Automotive
Atmel's web site is organized to get you straight to the devices you are looking for. But what if you aren't sure what exactly you need for your specific automotive system solution? Surf over to the automotive application area and choose the area of the automobile for which you are seeking parts. The system diagrams of the specific applications will provide links to the datasheets for our application-specific and standard automotive parts. If you would like to discuss our custom-specific offerings contact information is also available. As you look at our ICs for the chassis, body, security, car infotainment, safety and powertrain, you will see that Atmel is literally everywhere in automotive!

Embedded Systems Conference

Boston, (MA) - September 12 - 15
See us at Booth #415
Products at the show: AVR, ARM and 8051 Microcontrollers and Tools, CryptoMemory®, DataFlash®, Trusted Platform Modules, ASSPs and ASICs

Smart Cards Expo

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi  (India) - September 13 - 15
See us at Booth #217
Products at the show: Secure Microcontrollers and Memory
Frontline Solutions Expo and Conference

Navy Pier, Chicago (IL) - September 27-29
See us a Booth #322
We will exhibit our RFID products.
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