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'[AVR] ATtiny13 use...'
2004\10\25@153659 by Stephen R Phillips

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Greetings I am 'eyeing' te ATtiny13 of Atmel's AVR series for a rather
simple application that has a special requirement.

I need to be able to alter the EEPROM settings in the AVR post
programing of the AVR. I would like to use the debug port for this.
However the data sheet indicates one must disable the debug port in
order to protect the code on the AVR.  Is this right? I want to be able
to reprogram the whole AVR without having to unprotect the code.  This
seems like a nasty non feature.

The reasoning for this is the EEPROM memory is to have constants used
by the program in the AVR. The program itself doesn't need to be
modified just these constants to change the behavior of the unit.  Is
there another way to reprogram the AVR apart from ripping it out of the
circuit? And no sockets are a SERIOUS issue since it's a surface mount
application (IE tinyer than tiny), thus no socketing.

All pins are accessable however in the application, so am I better off
making a deranged adaptor for programing the unit and using SPI program

Suggestions? Ideas?  Laughs ;)

Stephen R. Phillips

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