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'[AVR]: Is this channel DEAD? Take #3'
2001\04\05@214551 by John Samperi

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I seem to goof all the time with the subject tag!!

If anyone can read this, I'm not having any success at
getting some interaction with ATMEL users.
AVRFREAKS.COM is a web based only forum and not
very usefull. Is there any active discussion group that I could
join? I'm planning on using an ATMEL controller and I would
like to get a feel of issues that may arise by reading other
people questions and comments.


John Samperi

                               Ampertronics Pty. Ltd.
              11 Brokenwood Place Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
                Tel. (02) 9674-6495       Fax (02) 9674-8745
* Electronic Design   * Technical Services   * Contract Assembly

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