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'[AVR]: ATmega128, uart,'
2002\12\03@154748 by Doug Hewett

I wrote a simple C program (ATmega128 target) to send printable characters out uart0 and uart1.  I have tried various combinations of connecting 'RS232 SPARE' or 'RS232 SPARE #2' to the com port on my PC (which was running Hyperterminal, in the 'capture text' mode).

I have connected the jumper(s) between 'RS232 SPARE RXD and TXD' to PD2 and PD3, respectively and 'RS232 SPARE #2 RXD and TXD' to PE0 and PE1, respectively.

I do not see any characters at the Hyperterminal.

(1) Are there any errata or addenda to the documentation that I should be aware of?

(2) Do you have any suggestions for texts?  (We are using IAR systems compiler. I have Barnett's "Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR.)

Doug Hewett

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