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'[AVR]: AT91 resources'
2002\09\26@133648 by Scott Dattalo

On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Deva Seetharam wrote:

> i am posting this message for my friend...

The AT91 has nothing to do with AVR.
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I just so happen to be doing some AT91 development at the moment. These
are damn slick parts. I'm using the AT91R40008. This is an ARM 7TDMI core
with 256k bytes of SRAM. Unlike other manufactures, Atmel has provide an
ARM product with very minimal peripherals. Their's contain a couple of
UARTs and Timer/counters but no multimedia type stuff tha you tend to find
in say a Cirrus logic or Samsung ARM. In addition they're amazingly power
efficient - 0.83mW/MHz!

To get started, I suggest starting with eCos:

eCos is the "embedded configurable OS". It's lean, fast, and free. In
addition there's outstanding community support for the various hardware
platforms (besides the AT91). For example, here are the instructions on
building the arm-elf tool chain:

In my case, I obtained a few eval boards: AT91EB40 and the AT91EB40a. I
ported RedBoot to these asn was able to develop on them. But prior to
that, I used the ARM simulator. Actually, I used two of them. The arm-elf
tool chain includes gdb. One of the targets gdb supports is the simulator.
It works great. For profiling, I used SID:

Again, gdb was used, but the target was sid instead of the simulator.

Now I'm in the process of trying to bring up *real* hardware. For that, I
found JTAG to be indispensible. I purchased a Wiggler from McCraigor

Their OCD Commander tool works reasonably well.

A site that tends to be down most of the time, but is otherwise a good
resource is:


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