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'[AVR:] AVR Butterfly programmer'
2005\05\22@223526 by Bob Blick

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Since the new PIC offerings haven't impressed me, I have been
considering other options.

ATMEL was kind enough to give me an AVR Butterfly. It has a 6
terminal ISP connector. Is there a simple programmer I can put
together for it? The AVR device on it is an atmega169. I'll also need
some software to drive the programmer.

I know if I do defect I'll need to get an STK500 and/or an ICE, but
for now I just want to blink the LCD or beep the speaker.

Any links/suggestions?



2005\05\22@225816 by Chen Xiao Fan

A simple parallel port programmer using 74HCT244 will do.
If you prefer com port, check out PonyProg or other AVR ISP
compatible programmer as well.

Please also check the great AVR-GCC (WinAvr under windows).
The AVRfreaks (Http:// website is nice
as well. Please also consider subscribe to AVR-GCC and AVR-LIBC
mailing list. People there are very helpful even though
you get so much traffic as here. Highly recommended.

Actually you do not even need a programmer, check out this

With AVRs getting cheaper and cheaper than PICs, I think
I will need to check AVRs as well since my colleagues in
Germany are using AVRs exclusively.


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2005\05\22@230433 by Josh

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There should be a serial plug with solder pins on the back that you are supposed to hook up to the butterfly.

I havnt done this, I only know because I'm reading "C Programming for Microcontrollers" all the examples are given on the butterfly.  I use the AVRISP its $29 and just a basic thing that connects from serial port to AVR.  

I'm familiar with PIC and switching to AVR too.  Many AVRs have several reference choices with the ADC including a 20x gain.  These options are allowing me to take out the op-amp I was using with the PIC and ultimately save 60 cents on the manufacturing cost going with the AVR.

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2005\05\23@035442 by Michael Rigby-Jones

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>Subject: RE: [AVR:] AVR Butterfly programmer
>Please also check the great AVR-GCC (WinAvr under windows).

The price is right, and it appears to be relatively bug free and has a
pretty good library.  Just one thing that is driving me nuts, the poor
support for reading constant data from program memory.  Stuff that was a
snap using the HiTech PICC compiler is now a real PITA, having to use a
load of extra code that makes the source difficult to read and debug.

Are there any commercial compilers that properly support pointers to
flash memory?



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2005\05\23@214936 by Chen Xiao Fan

Check out this thread in the AVR-GCC list.

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An: 'Daniel O'Connor';
Betreff: RE: [avr-gcc-list] AVR-GCC question (Harvard Arch and C)

Split aka Harvard architectures are common in embedded.
Although GCC/Winavr is contorted into supporting this via piles of macros,
some C compilers are arranged to intrinsically support the architecture,
i.e., having two kinds of pointers (RAM and FLASH), and same for constants
and so on.

Examples include CodeVision AVR (excellent/low cost), IAR and the rest.
Really simplifies working with AVRs.


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