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'[AVR:] ATtiny11s group buy list -- Tiny-11 templat'
2004\06\30@031159 by David VanHorn

At 12:48 AM 6/30/2004 -0500, David VanHorn wrote:

>>I'm sure many would be.
>>Any chance of putting it on a web page ?

It's the top entry. 17.5k including the tiny-11 definitions file, and the AVR studio project file.  Code assembles to 465 words out of 512 possible.
Only a switch, LED, piezo beeper, and a couple resistors needed to operate.

Maybe an example app, would be a better title.
It's a one-chip ID controller for transmitters. I noticed there are a few hams out there, and this is a pretty "hammish" application. It handles the functional set of a minimal repeater controller. It converts ascii text in rom to morse code, implementing the full morse set with prosigns, and the new "@" sign.  The courtesy beep is a tone sequence with pitch and duration of each tone settable, as well as silences.

There are still two free pins, a few unused registers, an unused external int, unused watchdog timer, and tens of instructions of unused code space!

WARNING: This app is a recent port (tonight) of an app that was known to work in the 2343. There should be no problems, but it has yet to meet Tiny-11 silicon.

Since some of the functions take a rather long time to walk through simulation, and I haven't spent that time, so there may be bugs.  Still, this should help the pic folks get started without too much trouble. Just carve away the parts you don't want, like probably the morse code gen, and most of the timing stuff in the T0_OVF isr, and the routines in the main file that check when/wether to do things.

There's a fair number of useful routines in there. :)

One other limitation on the T11 that I noticed, is the lack of the ADIW instruction, and of course LD Z+ and similar instructions having to do with ram are missing, so you have to do a two instruction operation to inc a register pair.

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