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PICList Thread
'[ADMIN] New list feature implemented'
2000\05\22@232741 by Mike Werner

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Greetings folks.  As you may remember the list admins have
been considering implementing topics on this list.  For those
that might have missed the original post from James Newton,
here's the first part of it again:

We (the list admins) have found a new feature in the list server software
that may provide a much better way of handling on and off topic (and sort of
off topic, etc..) posts. It would cause the list to work a bit differently
and might cause some confusion at first so we want to explain it and get
some feedback from the list on how best to implement it.

The new version of the list server can track "topics" by looking for
keywords or tags at the start of the subject line (after skipping past the
fw: or re:). It will then filter posts FOR the list members according to
which topics they wish to receive. For example, if we set the possible
topics to:
[PIC], [EE], [OT], and [AD]
we can set "topics of interest to subscribers" to [PIC] only and you will
only see posts with subject lines that start with "[PIC]:" (or "re: [PIC]:"
or "FW: [PIC]:" etc...). Of course you can send a simple command to the list
server that "turns on" the other topics as well. For example if you also
wanted to see [EE] posts (not directly related to the PIC, but still about
engineering) you could send:

Well, we finally decided to go ahead and do it.  The results as
reported by James were overall in favor of this.  And it has now
been done.  Those currently subscribed to the PICList need not
worry about missing any posts - you're settings have been automatically
changed by the server to receive all topics.  If you decide you
wish to not receive a certain topic, you may do so by sending:
for example, if you wanted to not receive the EE topic.

The topics that have been implemented are the same four as listed by
James.  But as a reiteration, they are:
[PIC] - this is for posts that are about PICs
[EE] - this is for posts that are not necessarily about PICs, but
      are still of interest to the EE community.  An example post
      that would fit this topic would be discussion of the Scenix
      chip.  Or any other microcontroller, for that matter.
[AD] - this is for advertisements of a commercial product or service
[OT] - this is for the way out there stuff. Remember the chicken
      catapult thread?  This is were that thread would go.

Actually, there is a fifth topic.  That one is called Other.  This
topic is where the server puts posts that are either unlabelled or
labelled with a label that the server doesn't recognize.

We understand that this'll be a bit confusing at first.  But we
think that once everyone gets the hang of this, it'll make life
for everyone a little easier.
Mike Werner  KA8YSD           |  "Where do you want to go today?"
                             |  "As far from Redmond as possible!"
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