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PICList Thread
'[ADMIN] Digest problems'
2000\03\28@200735 by Mark Willis

Hi, all;

If you get the Digest, you may be getting multiple copies of same.
We're trying to track this down;  If you DO get multiple copies, PLEASE
PLEASE PLEASE send me *full* headers off the top of at least 2 Digests -
I can NOT track the cause of this problem down without full headers
usually.  Lots easier with info <G>  Same thing as trying to debug a PIC
problem based on "It doesn't work right" - we can guess, but it's just
guesswork <G>

Full headers will look UGLY, worse than C or assembler;  something like
this for Netscape, from a test I just sent through a backup mail address
of mine:

{Quote hidden}


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