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'[AD] small 3 axis CNC step mill cheap on eBay'
2007\03\30@174435 by James Newton, Host

face picon face Look at how
pretty that is!

This is a pretty nice little unit. 6"x6"x2.75" travel, NEMA 23 motor mounts,
bracket for a dremel (you can adapt it to something better if you like). And
the shipping isn't bad either.

Excellent precision and repeatability. Less than 0.001 backlash. The dremel
is the limiting factor here and there are many other spindles that would be
better, but even with a dremel, it should be able to isolation mill for the
larger SMT components. Not to mention drilling, dispensing paste and
possibly even pick and place, given another motor for rotation.

I know the guy and he does a heck of a job on these, I actually purchased an
earlier unit from him and it is working very nicely. He has been running an
antenna business for years and so knows how to take care of customers.

This is the first one of this most recent design that is being sold on eBay
to gauge interest, so he started the auction at $1! Currently the high bid
is $142.50 and if it is still there Monday, I will bid on it myself, just
knowing that I can install motors, drivers and cables and sell it for $750
or so as a complete, ready to go CNC mill.

James Newton: PICList webmaster/Admin  1-619-652-0593 phone

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