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'[AD] The Demise Of SimmStick or How Much Can A Koa'
2008\02\05@210214 by ru12


The Demise Of SimmStick or How Much Can A Koala Bare?

Not long after the Piclist started on the web, I launched the first of my
SimmStick products.

SimmStick comprised a variety of modular motherboards, microcontroller
development boards, and I/O boards, all aimed at initially the PICmicro,
then the AVR when it was released. In fact the DT104 was the very first AVR
development board on the market.

The concept was based on the early PC-XT memory 30 pin Simm socket
connector, however standard male/female 30 pin headers (.1") can be used. It
has become increasingly difficult to source these types of sockets, as the
years have passed.

SimmStick References:

Because of my advanced years (somewhere between old age and death) :-), and
a nasty little operation I had last year, I have decided that I will never
reach the height of my previous enthusiasm for any given project, so I have
decided to dump, errr....  I mean, sell off my remaining stock of SimmStick
bare boards.

Couple this to the fact that the sockets have to be manufactured on special
order these days, if you want them in reasonable numbers. Yes, you can still
use male/female standard headers if you desire:

These bare boards are now selling at 50% to 75% off. I figure that small
developers could knit them easily into many of their current applications,
and save a lot of work.

All board variants are still in stock, however numbers range from just a
handful, to thousands in many cases.

I am based in Australia, and world wide postage is $10AUD (~$9USD
currently), ship next business day, and usually take 6 to 10 days for

Who knows, you may be buying a small piece of history, or simply paying a
hell of a lot for the "Lapel Clip On Koala" that goes out with every
International SimmStick order.

Cheers Don...

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