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'[AD] Looking for work in New Zealand'
2008\04\09@080001 by Alan B. Pearce

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A colleague has just taken redundancy from the laboratory here in the UK,
and is moving his family to NZ, so is looking for work there.

His wife is NZ born, so there is no problem with valid entry and work
permits in NZ. He is Swedish.

The family (they have a 4 month old daughter) are planning to travel some
time in June/July, and have no fixed idea about where they want to live when
they get there, so any suitable work and location is of interest.

Qualification MSc in Space Technology, from a Swedish University. This
involves about a 50/50 mix of electronics and programming, with embedded
systems, emphasising redundancy and reliability.

His wife has also been working in a division of the laboratory, but I am not
sure of her qualification.

He has worked at the lab here since graduating, and has just finished a
project building up a calibration chamber for the instrument I have been
working on. This has involved building a moving table inside a vacuum
chamber so the sensors can be targeted by known energy levels from an x-ray
illuminated target. This has all been controlled from a Labview/Labwindows
environment for automation of the positioning system, and control of the
x-ray emission level, allowing our flight sensors to be calibrated.

He is a real nice guy, pretty amiable, into sports (plays in one of the Lab
football (soccer) teams), and would fit into any environment.

He is going to make a CV available, or I can forward replies on to him.

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