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'[AD] Fixer-upper USB boards with PIC'
2007\01\01@160826 by olin piclist

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I have 3 USBProgs that don't work and I'm not going to spend more time
chasing down whatever is busted.  There may be a few parts removed to
diagnose the problem, but in all cases the 18F2550 main controller is
working and can enumerate over the USB.  Here are my notes on these units:

115:  Possibly bad IC4 (LM324).  High current drain on 17V supply.

143:  Packaging tape stuck to C32, came off when tape removed.
     pads came off with part, can't be reworked.

192:  LED was on bright due to wrong transistor installed for Q4,
     was PNP.  LED fixed when right transistor installed.  Opamp
     (IC4) gets warm, suspect bad part.

I was going to toss them, but for $15 apiece plus shipping I'll package them
up and send them out.  Flat $8.00 shipping to the US, $20 elsewhere, per
order regardless of quantity.

These might make serviceable USB experimenter boards for the budget minded
hobbyist.  You should be able to tap into PIC I/O lines, and maybe some of
the remaining circuitry could be useful.

I have added the schematic and parts locator to the USBProg web page,, so you at least know what's supposed
to be wired to what.

Embed Inc, Littleton Massachusetts,
(978) 742-9014.  Gold level PIC consultants since 2000.

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