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'[AD] 68HC11 display driver boards, free-ish'
2011\10\02@220517 by Bob Blick

I have some boards that might have useful parts for someone. Each one
has a 68HC11 and four Supertex HV5708PJ 32 bit high voltage shift
registers, a 8KByte SRAM and an EPROM. About ten years old. The only
reason I kept them was for the Supertex parts, which are socketed and
good for 80 volts. Useful for driving VF displays etc. They were for
high-quality weighing scales. But I have not used them, so good-bye.

You can have them for the cost of priority mail shipping, let's say $12
via Paypal. I can fit at least 15 boards in a medium box. Some boards
may not have all their parts, but in general they have most of them.

US destinations only, sorry Canada.

A picture:


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2011\10\03@132049 by Bob Blick

The boards are sold, no longer available.



On Sunday, October 02, 2011 7:05 PM, "Bob Blick" <>
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