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'[AD]:electronic mags'
2001\11\29@184942 by cdb

Sorry if you get this more than once.
I have some assorted magazines looking for a new home. All in good condition except the first one covers slightly scruffy.

All A$2.50 + Postage.
Electronics Now Sept 99 (American Mag)

Silicon Chip   Mar  99    (Aust Mag)
                   June 99                     Mar  00
                   Feb  00
                   Jun  00
                   Jan  01
                   Mar 01

Elektor British Edition (European Mag)
                   Sept 96
                   Jan   00
                   May  00
                  Jul/Aug 00 (Bumper Edition)
                  Oct   00   (Game boy Oscilloscope edition)
                  Nov  00
                  Dec 00                     Jun 01 *2 (1 still unwrapped)

Circuit Cellar (American Mag)
                   Nov 00   (Article on Pic Based SBC)
                   Oct 00   (Article on Pic based Web Server and car diagnostic reader using MC68HC)

Electronics World (UK Mag)
                  Aug  00 (3 Phase power reg + loads of complicated maths mutterings)

I have other mags (EPE, ELEKTOR, MAPLIN etc) dating back to 1980 which once I've persuaded myself I really don't have  any need for them will be available.

Can be paid by PayPal.


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