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'[AD]: True 100 MIPS ICD with a PIC compatible proc'
2001\06\06@174526 by jamesnewton

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Finally, there is a cost effective alternative to the stagnant Parallax
SXKey for ICD (In Circuit programming and Debugging) with Ubicom SX 50 to
100 MIPS PIC compatible microcontrollers!

Now US customers can buy the Excellent SXDev from for $150 + $15
import fee + s&h or about $180 total ( + tax in CA )

MPLAB / ICD users will love the SXDevs true Win32 GUI which allows you to
see and control everything that happens in the chip (from the chips point of
view!) without sacrificing any IO pins and while still operating from any
clock source. Works down to 3 volts!

Language support is incredible! Use Ubicom SASM or Microchip MPASM or Hitech
C (free version). They're all integrated!

- Step, Run, Run to Cursor, Animate and Break functions

- Data injection mode

- Extended watch attributes on unlimited number of watches

- Built-in text editor (with a scroll bar for SXKey users <GRIN>)

- Run Time Measurement tool for code fragment run time counting

When you need to move up to a bigger processor, the SXDev has total support
including Timers and Bank0 for the SX48/52, a 100 MIPS, 5 port, 3 timer, 4K
ROM, 262 RAM, monster microcontroller that KNOWS how to connect to the

Stop waiting for Parallax to release the SXKey source or re-start
development. Move on with SXDev today!

For more on SX controllers and moving from PICs to SXs, see or

James Newton

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