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'[AD]: Programmer Wanted'
2001\01\14@230514 by James Newton

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I'm currently working on just such a project (although the GUI Visual
programming part is probably a long way off) for the Ubicom (Scenix) SX
chips. These very fast processors are great for doing small, speed critical
functions (they call bit banging "virtual peripherals) but lack program
memory for larger projects. After realizing that most of the code involved
in large projects DOESN'T need to execute at the top speed, we started
thinking about making a simple token language to run in the processor and
execute from an external multi-meg serial FLASH like an Atmel AT45d081.

It would be possible to emulate other processors in the SX (like an 8051 or
PIC) and so reuse existing code (a 50Mhz (50 MIPS) SX could probably emulate
a 4MHz (1 MIPS) PIC) but I like to screw around with languages, was
fascinated by variations of Forth and inspired by XPL0 to try for a better
solution; one that minimized the need to fetch opcodes over the serial
channel by making the opcodes as powerful, complex, and flexible as
possible. I'm shooting for something like a micro code language that opcodes
can be defined in and then reused by the programs.

The goal for us is that projects that normally require a variety of chips
e.g. a small PIC and an external hardware device like a video generator, or
touch tone decoder or different PIC with built in hardware like USART or SPI
master could all be done with the same SX chip and FLASH memory and would
all use the same basic PCB. Just a few jumpers, resistors, caps, connectors,
virtual peripherals and main program code (in the FLASH) and you're done.

Let me know how that matches.

James Newton, PICList Admin #3
1-619-652-0593 phone

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