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PICList Thread
'[AD]: PICList T-Shirts Available'
2001\12\15@151748 by James Newton, webmaster

face picon face
How long have we waited for this? I wanted some for gifts and so
I found an outfit to make them and they will also make them
available to others. After recieving good feedback from Andy Kunz
and Tjaart (who had originally considered makeing a PICList
T-Shirt) I decided to go ahead and do it.

Now, people will know where to find you. $20 Hanes. 100% cotton
Ash Grey t-shirt says "I'm still on the PICList!" with how NOT to
get off the list and thanks to MIT, Microchip, Inc. and all the
list members.

Any proceeds (about $5 / shirt) are split between MIT (for
hosting the list) and (for the web site).

pictures at

Mugs ($15) and Steins ($25) also available.

James Newton (webmaster, former admin #3)
1-619-652-0593 VM
1-208-279-8767 FAX

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ways.  See for details.

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