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'[AD]: Need a VB RS232 Guy for a quick mop up proje'
2001\05\16@225546 by James Newton

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The main developer got called away to Korea and we need a VB GUI, RS232,
"gather and present the data", programmer to slam out some quick code to
talk to a logger and present the data then save it to a data file or so.
Take over part written code or re-write. No DSP. Weird hours ok. Needs to be
in the San Diego (North is best) area. Pretty good quick money. I've got the
logger done but there may be some debugging so you would have to work with
me some... <EVIL GRIN> Timeline is starting middle of next week and
delivering no later than June 1. Should be between 16 and 40 hours total
work. We need to know when you will be available by tomorrow so we can plan
the work schedule.

James Newton
1-619-652-0593 phone

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