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PICList Thread
2000\07\14@112417 by WF



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2000\07\16@204521 by James Cameron

On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 12:14:18PM -0200, WF wrote:

Problems with this web page:

1) the English syntax is difficult to parse.  Get it translated

2) the pictures.htm file uses the HTML to resize the image, resulting
in a longer download time than is necessary.  Resize the images yourself
rather than asking the web browser to do it.

3) the pictures themselves lack contrast and colour saturation.  You may
have had insufficient light on the subject while taking the photographs.

4) the perpetually present banner at the top of the page has extra blank
after each word but before the end of hyperlink tag, resulting in bad
display under Netscape.

5) the banner links to _borders/contact.htm which is not present.

6) source.htm has placed the files within scrolled windows.  Therefore
I had to reach for the mouse to see them.  Place the files within the
document in total rather than within a form.

7) the animated coloured bar is a distraction.

8) the advertising for Microsoft on the main page is not needed.

9) all information could have been placed on ONE page.

The date on your mail software is November 4th.

James Cameron

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