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'[AD]: Basic18 Version 2.4 released'
2003\02\25@084834 by Eric James

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Version 2.4 of Basic18 is now available for download from

Changes from version 2.3 include:
  * The assembly file can be compiled by MPASMWIN as part of the build process

  * Optional syntax for Dim statement IE: Dim a,b,c As uByte defines three
    uByte variables a, b, and c

  * Additional Case syntax:
      Case Is <condition> <literal>
      Case <literal> To <literal>
      Case <literal>, <literal>, <literal>, ...

 * Added ROLL and ROLR statements

 * A line of basic code can be continued to the next line of source code
   by ending the line with an underscore "_" character.

 * DelaymS and DelayS can now take a variable as an argument.

 * Added a Demo Mode to allow unregisterd users try the registered features.

 * Multiplication and division with Fixed variable types no longer truncate
   the fractional portion before performing the operation.

 * Fixed a bug where tables could generate incorrect values.

 * Fixed a bug in compound boolean comparisons involving Or statements.

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