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'[AD]: 8755As pulls available (10)'
2002\01\06@195637 by John Patrick

picon face
The PICLIST is a pretty varied group, so I thought that some of
you might be able to use these.

I have ten (10) Intel 8755A pulls.  '76, '77, and '78 copyrights
stamped on them.

I have no need for these, as I acquired them as part of a bulk
buy which contained the good stuff I needed (I'm sure I'm not the
only one that has done this).

I'd like $5 + shipping (call it $10 total) for them, but if there
are no takers, I'd be willing to part with them for shipping ($5).

I can't promise that they work, as I haven't tried them out.

I'd prefer to limit this to domestic (US) buyers to make shipping

Any takers?

John Patrick

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