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'[AD]:: Employment opportunities in Mumbai'
2008\01\26@083948 by Apptech

A client will be seeking to employ staff in Mumbai, India.
The following is an attempt to obtain some information and a
general call for expressions of possible interest.

I'd like to know the typical rates of pay in India.
I'm sure the people assisting the setup know and I imagine
Gargoyle would help me, but [wo]man on the scene information
is always helpful.

Broad pay rates for the following people would be of
Note that these are not actual job descriptions (yet) but
will give me a guide as to what expectations are.

- Electrical / electro mechanical assembler. Trainable.
Adequately intelligent. No vast experience needed. English
skills useful but not essential

- Electrical engineer with analog design competence or
un-degreed person - either with a demonstrably high degree
of practical knowledge. Need not be super gurus as long as
they can understand basic analog circuitry, trouble shoot,
intelligently perform basic design changes and
investigations, measure and report accurately and operate a
production test program. Practical intelligence and a
willingness and ability to learn important. Reasonably good
English communication skills needed.

- Similar to above with mechanical bias.

- Analog design guru with practical production
implementation experience. English competence essential.

- Factory manager to handle all aspects of production,
control of all staff, ... . Skills in mechanical and
electrical areas useful but ability to make it all work and
use expertise of others more useful if there's a tradeoff.
English competence essential. Additionally the ability to
speak US English a bonus. [ :-) ].

- Remote eyes/hands/feet/brain for offshore designer: Good
competence in electrical and electronic matters. Mechanical
comfortableness useful. Able to source components, determine
pricing, ascertain supply constraints, obtain data and
specifications, sixth sense for spotting shonky suppliers
and suspect specifications, can competently and
instantaneously translate Indian documents into English,
walks on water (walks on fire optional). Dreams in English
as requisite. Moderately courteous under pressure, prompt,
efficient. [[ie a remote designer who needs knowledge of
local information and needs to make local arrangements can
use this person to do all the things they would need to be
able to do if they were present.]].
[[This through hole / SMD / ... inductor needs to be between
100 uH and 150 uH, has these size constraints, mounts like
this and needs to have rated inductance at 2A at 500 kHz
square wave. Who can supply, what's the MOQ, delivery time,
supplier reliability? When can we have samples? Please Fedex
me a handful along with the material we discussed this
morning. Please email me spec sheets for the best prospects
... . // The LEDs that we ...  ]]

The last described person would ideally be in Mumbai but MAY
be able to be in another location, almost certainly in


Recent graduate

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