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'[AD:] XCASM special promotion'
2004\04\20@114102 by Sergio Masci

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XCASM special promotion

       *** this is a time and unit limited promotion ***

       starts 20-APR-2004 valid for 7 days
       promotion is valid for 10 units ONLY

       discount 50% of normal retail price

       promotion code: pc1270432

       this promotion applies only to the PIC locked MS Windows and Linux

to take advantage of this promotion go to and select
the "purchasing" option on the left hand side of the page. You must enter the
promotion code at the checkout. If the promotion has expried you will be advised
before being asked for payment and you will not be billed.


It's an assembler. It supports high level code generation (8, 16, 32 bit integer
and 32 bit floating point), it has a code and RAM page manager (automatically
inserts code and RAM page select instructions in optimal locations if you let
it), it has a code profiler which shows all paths through the code. It produces
fully relocated listings and highlights full register and code addresses at the
point of use. Very powerful macro and conditional compilation facilites.
Supports multiple sections, groups and commons which combined with the multipass
capability allows sections of code and RAM to be moved about by the programmer
within the assembler without a need for a linking phase or complex linker

XCASM is actually a meta assembler. The PIC locked edition of XCASM will only
generate code for the 16 series PICs. The enterprise edition will generate code
for anything but does not include a high level code generator or profiler for
any processor other than the 16 series.

Sergio Masci

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