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'[AD:] Wisp628 programmer for sale.'
2004\04\26@040312 by Jan-Erik Soderholm

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I have a spare Wisp628 programmer for sale.

It's built from the original schematics, but using a home made PCB (my first Eagle project :-) ). It's a
bit larger (about double size) then Wouters original PCB.

Anyway, it's been working just fine for about a year (and
still is, of course), but since I got a larger number of original
Wisp's from Wouter for a specific project, and I have a few
extra of them (no, not for sale :-) ), I don't need this one anymore.

- Latest firmware loaded.
- Boxed in a plastic box with one DB9 and one DB15

You'll get what's on the attached picture (hope it will
make it through the list server. If not, just ask me and
I'll send the picture to anyone interested...)

I'm asking $30.00 *including world-wide shipping*.

("Ratail price" about $35 *excluding* shipping and handling)

Best Regards,
Jan-Erik Söderholm
jan-erik -dot- soderholm -at- telia -dot- com

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2004\04\26@064349 by Jan-Erik Soderholm

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Sold !


(I thought I sent this some hours ago, but I havn't seen it
on the list. Might be the corrupted tag in the subject, that
Outlook 2000 changes from" [AD:]" to "]" when I hit "Reply"...)

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