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'[AD:] SHARP LM16A211 16x2 STN LCD modules.'
2004\12\13@131953 by Jan-Erik Soderholm

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I happen to have a batch of SHARP LM16A211, 16x2 STN LCD modules.
A plain standard LCD module, non-backlit.
Data sheet :
The is the type with the 14 pin single in line cable connector, not the
dual line (7x2) pin connector. I think the single line types are
easier to solder to a piece of ribbon cable...

$9.50 USD in singles *incl world wide airmail priority shipping*.

Ask for other quantities (I've got aprox 800 of them)

jan-erik -dot- soderholm -at- telia -dot com
(My paypal id is the same...)


2004\12\13@134833 by Kevin

Any break on shipping & handling for more than one ?


On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:

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