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'[ PIC ] Good book suggestions?'
2003\06\29@065533 by Iain Duncan

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Hi just wanted some feedback. I'm wondering if there are any highly
recommended books on the new 18F series. I have the Predko book which covers
a lot but is really not well written or organized, and I have Sid Katzen's
"The Quintessential PIC Microcontroller" which is superbly written and laid
out, but focuses on the 16F84. I'd like recommendations for stuff that is
accessible to the beginner but goes into a fair bit of depth, especially as
relates to serial interfacing and A/D D/A stuff. ( Specifically midi
interfacing and sound synthesis applications ) and in particular the 16F877
and 18F452. Also any good books on the electronics side of PIC circuits that
are appropriate for beginner electronic people.

Thanks in advance,

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2003\06\29@074927 by cdb

The only book I know of for the 18F series at this moment is the one
by John B Peatman. See for details. Or look up on
Amazon (US) Embedded Design with the  PIC18F452 Microcontroller.

cdb, on 29.06.2003

I have always been a few Dendrites short of an Axon and believe me it

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until they speak!

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2003\06\29@102502 by John Ferrell

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I have just started with the Peatman book, see
It is a college senior level book. I don't find it easy, but I do find it
I have read Square one's books "Easy Pic'n" and Pic'n up the Pace". Also
Predko's book. Each has some limitations but all are well worth their

I bought the book through one of's partners for $62 delivered
(new). Although there is a circuit board included in the first edition.With
my wife's urging I elected to purchase the "lab instrument" and a proto
board for $158 + shipping. My wife's reasoning was that I have done enough
of the building sort of thing that I could better use that time for chores
around here. As usual, she was right. The device worked fine right of the

I thought I had things good with an MicroChip Programmer and a Pencil Box
Bread Board, but this is a better setup. I can make a change to the code,
compile & load it to the device in about 20 seconds.

Sometimes the code seems overly complicated to get a job done, but the job
is secondary, education is primary.

The Lab device has a switch, pot, Dac, LCD, Rotary Pulse generator, leds,
LM34 temp sensor, SPI interface and off board connections. The board
verification program exercises these functions. There is a lot to be learned
from the this device and the code.

The 18F452 is a big step forward from the 16F628 but there is only a $7
price difference. A major consideration for volume apps but minor for small

If you decide to utilize the circuit board, Digikey has the whole parts kit
under one part number for $57.

For me, this direction is proving to be the best way to go.

If you are interested after all of that, go to and download the
block diagram of the instrument and the verification code.

It has been my experience that a lot of educator's simply put their own
names on their students work and claim it as their own. Peatman acknowledges
the student contributions properly.

I recomend the book, but it is not a quick read. The only negative I have
about the book is that I would prefer a larger type  size. On the other
hand, the target student is not really us Senior Citizens!

John Ferrell
6241 Phillippi Rd
Julian NC 27283
Phone: (336)685-9606
Dixie Competition Products
NSRCA 479 AMA 4190  W8CCW
"My Competition is Not My Enemy"

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2003\06\29@172938 by Iain Duncan

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Thanks John, that does look good. Anyone else have any opinions on the book?
It's expensive enough ( and won't be in bookstores here ) that I'd be
grateful for any further recommendations before ordering it.

Thanks again,

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