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'?: PIC + Floppy'
1999\03\23@082321 by Pasi T Mustalahti

picon face
Has somebody tried to connect a PIC with a Floppy Disk Drive ?

PTM,,                 OH1HEK
Lab.ins. (mikrotuki) ATK-keskus/Mat.Luon.Tdk                    OI7234 (PC support) Computer Center
Mail: Turun Yliopisto / Fysla,  20014 Turku
Pt 02-3336669, FAX 02-3335632 (Pk 02-2387010, NMT 0400-555577)

1999\03\23@091738 by Ryan Pogge

or better yet has anyone been able to use a PIC to transfer a bitstream from
ATA/ATAPI drive of some sort?

or better yet, a parrallel or IDE zip drive?

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