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PICList Thread
2005\01\27@194353 by Mike Singer

picon face
Wouter van Ooijen wrote:

> > What if James would wish to make more business
> > based on PICList? What would be the options?
> Translation? For whom?
> In my experience web presence is not *directly* exploitable,
> but indirectly might be an option. Consultancy might not be
> directly related to web presence, but the web presence will
> surely draw attention.

Perhaps personal experience is not the best and the only
advisor sometimes. Perhaps some kind of personal "blue
dream" could work better. I think this thing (backed by hard
work) makes a difference between those who stayed to
live in Europe and those who emigrated to North America
chasing their personal "blue dream" (no sarcasm).

Have a look at mentioned ProZ. They use to do nothing but
just some sort of mediation between translators all over the
world and translation agencies. Multiply the price of platinum
membership by the number of platinum members add
advertisements and you'll get some hundreds of thousands
of $US per year.

But the translation is not the "blue dream" anymore since it
got implemented already. Maybe EE consultancy and design
could be the options. The idea is to make paid membership
be profitable to members. This involves a lot of hard work to
a site holder without him being guaranteed of success.

Best Regards,


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