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PICList Thread
1998\07\09@073125 by Alex Torres

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From: Barry Baldwin <spam_OUTbbaldwinTakeThisOuTspamINDYME.COM>
Date: Wednesday, July 08, 1998 11:22 PM
Subject: Orcad Library

>I was wondering if anybody knows where I can get an Orcad
>library file for the PIC parts?  Specifically the PIC 16C74.

Look at my home page. ORLIB.ZIP (35k) in 32bit format (OrCad386+ for DOS).
If You have Capture for Win - it understand all old formates.

But I think it need only a few minute to make one part like C74 yourself

Alex Torres, Kharkov, Ukraine (exUSSR)
2:461/28 FidoNet
Home Page:

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