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': ISD recording quality'
2003\02\06@122131 by Bob Blick

> I'm recording some sound snippets from the PC, just using the mic input to
> the ISD.  listening to the sound from the speakers on the PC, it sounds
> pretty clean. But, when the ISD records it and I play it back, it sounds
> 'noisy' for lack of a better word.  Now I know its not going to be stereo
> quality, but perhaps its the input circuit that needs attention.  I've
> simply followed the app notes on the input to the chip and tried an audio
> transformer and capacitor coupling but nothing seems to help alot.  Anyone
> else had some experiance with the ISD chips?  I've just like to make the
> audio sound a little cleaner.

There are so many different models of ISD, your mileage may vary, but in my
experience you want to avoid the mic input on the chip if you want good
quality sound. I've gotten great results inserting audio after the preamp
and carefully adjusting the signal level until I get the maximum before

Cheerful regards,


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