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PICList Thread
'*** List renaming to PicList ***'
1995\01\15@011004 by crocontroller discussion list

Dear Subscriber to the PIC discussion list--

As a result of MIT's coordination of previously separate computing systems,
it has become necessary to rename this discussion list.  Beginning with
Tuesday 17 January 1995, please use the name PICLIST in place of PIC for all
commands to and communication with this list.  We shall try to insure that
messages specifying the former name, during a suitable grace period, will
receive a notice of the name change.

We regret that we have found such a change necessary for the benefit of our
local clients, but trust that it should not cause any great disruption for
you.  Please let us know immediately if it does not behave properly for you.

Art Anger, Postmaster@MITVMA

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