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'(OT) TO3 5-Volt Regulators'
1998\09\09@150956 by Martin McCormick

       Is there anything these days that is a direct replacement for
the old LM309K 5-volt regulators?  I always liked to use them in
projects that were apt to be infinitely expandable because they could
be stoutly mounted on a chassis box in a socket if necessary and one
did not have to think much about anything less than an amp of current
if the input voltage to the regulator was between 7 and 12 volts.  All
they usually needed for good operation was an electrolytic capacitor
between input and ground and another between output and ground and
that was it.

       The basing of the LM309 or LM340k-5 is:
Case = ground.  Base lead = unregulated DC, and Emitter = 5 volts out.
If you used them on a negative-ground chassis, no insulator was needed
between case and chassis.

       BTW, these things probably waste more current than some PIC's,
but that doesn't matter in mains-powered devices.

Martin McCormick

1998\09\09@153900 by David VanHorn

The 309k should be around, there are plenty of even beefier chips available,
10A is the last one I remember.
They still suffer from HUGE power dissipation, as any linear reg at that
power level must.
In the Digi-Key catalog, for $14 in singles, is a Power Trends switcher that
you could fake into the socket.
It's a TO-220-ish box. 1A output, 7-38Vin.

>        BTW, these things probably waste more current than some PIC's,
>but that doesn't matter in mains-powered devices.

More than a whole bucket full of pics.

1998\09\09@153907 by Mike Sauve

picon face

At 02:06 PM 9/9/98 -0500, Martin McCormick wrote...
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1998\09\10@110729 by Tim Economu

Try the LM7805. It is overtemp and overcurrent proof. And cheap.
Kind regards,

Timothy Economu                                          360-579-2117
Design Engineer                                       fax 360-579-2117
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Clinton, Washington 98236
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