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'[EE] XP versus Win95 Serial ports'
2010\07\21@110406 by Roger Weichert
2010\07\21@114352 by Carl Denk
2010\07\21@115824 by John Hansen
2010\07\21@122447 by Carl Denk
2010\07\21@163625 by Richard Prosser
2010\07\21@173055 by mcd
2010\07\21@183720 by Roger Weichert
2010\07\22@100048 by Roger Weichert
2010\07\22@100048 by Roger Weichert
2010\07\22@132707 by Charles Craft
'[EE] XP versus Win95 Serial ports is OT not EE'
2010\07\22@144817 by Bob Blick
2010\07\22@180021 by Carl Denk
2010\07\23@060834 by Ruben Jönsson
2010\07\23@063505 by Roger Weichert
2010\07\23@064016 by Michael Watterson

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