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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Beta testers wanted for disassembler'
1994\06\21@122724 by (Ian King)n/a

1994\10\21@162949 by crocontroller discussion list

1995\01\26@100816 by Errington A
1995\01\26@112036 by Adrian Godwin

'Beta Testers Wanted'
1995\06\09@154511 by David Tait

', aka Jeff Slaton's latest spam.'
1995\08\28@184014 by Tim Braun

'This is a test'
1995\09\06@122147 by Stammnes V.G.S
1995\09\06@125750 by David Tait

1995\10\20@101022 by Juan Jose Abba

'FYI - Picstart Design Contest Application Brief No'
1995\11\07@152034 by Harrison Cooper

'Test and an MPASM question'
1995\12\06@105343 by Martin J. Maney

'!!Port B interrupt-latest'
1996\03\13@110112 by Moshe Fish
'!!Port B interrupt-most latest'
1996\03\14@074602 by Moshe Fish
1996\03\14@141002 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'testing again...'
1996\03\15@053443 by Andrew Warren
'!!Port B interrupt-most latest'
1996\03\15@201037 by Dan Matthews
1996\03\17@092010 by Moshe Fish
1996\03\17@143028 by Dan Matthews
1996\03\18@210113 by Dan Matthews
'sorry, testing'
1996\03\25@124423 by icio culibrk

1996\05\02@145107 by Beach Tech
1996\05\02@150116 by Doug Sellner, Beach Tech

'Supersimple non-destructive testing of OTP PICs (a'
1996\06\06@101550 by Martin Nilsson

1996\07\11@063956 by nogueira
1996\07\11@065813 by Don McKenzie
1996\07\11@153204 by fastfwd
1996\07\11@164243 by Don McKenzie
1996\07\11@165303 by Wireless Scientific
1996\07\11@202441 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
'Contest --- I could use the software!!'
1996\07\11@210458 by Dennis Hromin
1996\07\12@071559 by nogueira
1996\07\12@071603 by nogueira
1996\07\16@231359 by Dave Ritchie

'latest quiz'
1996\09\17@204309 by Jeff Otterson/N1KDO
1996\09\17@214141 by fastfwd
1996\09\17@214546 by Scott Dattalo
1996\09\17@223926 by Wireless Scientific
'Flame that latest quiz -Reply'
1996\09\18@084437 by Mark Jurras
'latest quiz'
1996\09\18@110339 by Byron A Jeff
1996\09\18@113646 by Wireless Scientific
1996\09\18@135329 by Reginald Neale
1996\09\18@180501 by hoss karoly
1996\09\18@194229 by Ken Parkyn
1996\09\18@214434 by Robert Lunn
1996\09\19@082750 by eric p freischlag
'FCC Compliance Testing'
1996\09\30@092959 by Stethour Ltd
1996\09\30@112238 by optoeng

'PC as a piece of test equipment'
1996\10\08@135131 by Chuck McManis
1996\10\08@144320 by Rick Miller
'Testing, please ignor...;-)'
1996\10\15@062854 by Dany Dory
'`test pls discard'
1996\10\15@214717 by Juan Jose Abba
'test - please disregard!'
1996\10\16@140623 by Pedro Machado
'test : )'
1996\10\19@112331 by Juan Jose Abba
1996\10\29@120854 by Paulo Figueiredo
1996\10\31@124807 by Craig Knotts

1996\11\05@111417 by J. Cabral
'This is a test Please ignore'
1996\11\05@124937 by David Nicholls
'test - please disregard!'
1996\11\07@112815 by
'Test input on 17C42?'
1996\11\11@085258 by Joe McCauley
1996\11\11@090336 by Byron A Jeff
'Test pin on 17CXX'
1996\11\11@104232 by Byron A Jeff
'Test input on 17C42?'
1996\11\11@211814 by Hank Gupton
'Test pin on 17CXX'
1996\11\12@042130 by Joe McCauley
'List Test'
1996\11\20@162730 by impmeister
1996\11\21@035214 by fastfwd
'A cable tester...'
1996\11\21@094900 by Luigi Rizzo
1996\11\21@163028 by moan
1996\11\21@172106 by moan
1996\11\22@005749 by fastfwd
'A cable tester... *.tgz'
1996\11\22@143202 by l R. Simpson
1996\11\23@055823 by leon
1996\11\27@114140 by Henri Volk
'cable tester'
1996\11\29@105925 by Luigi Rizzo

'Frank Testa (was: "Re: CODE formatting....")'
1996\12\09@145742 by fastfwd
1996\12\11@015604 by Thomas Vegeby
1996\12\15@135507 by John E. Nelson
'A cable tester...'
1996\12\15@161646 by moan
1996\12\16@040136 by Luigi Rizzo
'Nicad testers'
1996\12\31@170041 by Tom Messenger
1996\12\31@175834 by William Chops Westfield

'test accumulator for zero'
1997\01\05@211049 by Brad Pousland
1997\01\05@213132 by Wireless Scientific
1997\01\05@213716 by John Payson
1997\01\05@222330 by John Payson
1997\01\06@103248 by myke predko
1997\01\06@195739 by Eduardo J. Martinez Velez
'An Interesting but Unscientific Test (was Re: Ligh'
1997\01\06@210014 by Martin McCormick
1997\01\06@220648 by Reginald Neale
1997\01\07@015935 by Shel Michaels
1997\01\07@171159 by peter
1997\01\07@200944 by Martin McCormick
'Test. Please don't read'
1997\01\27@130056 by Pedro J Barrios

'Just a test...'
1997\02\01@154340 by Andrew Warren
'test (is this an attachment?)'
1997\02\13@094750 by Craig Knotts
1997\02\13@181031 by Pierre Fischer

'test Bit'
1997\03\06@043214 by n/a
'Ouch! More bin2bcd code -- how about a contest?'
1997\03\06@050616 by Frank A. Vostenbosch
'test Bit'
1997\03\06@071349 by Hamilton Feltman
'Ouch! More bin2bcd code -- how about a contest?'
1997\03\06@083821 by Hamilton Feltman
'test Bit'
1997\03\06@092142 by Kieran Sullivan
1997\03\06@171626 by Andrew Warren
'Test message, please ignore it'
1997\03\17@094847 by Philippe TECHER
'Test - Please Ignore'
1997\03\25@173719 by Brian Boles

'PIC17c43 STIMULUS file testing'
1997\04\06@202524 by Richard Wamser
1997\04\10@095114 by UKGavan
'Test - Please Ignore'
1997\04\24@124749 by Brian Boles
'test pls disregard'
1997\04\29@184026 by juan abba
1997\04\30@194140 by Glenn Johansson
1997\04\30@201239 by Steve Hardy

1997\05\01@220809 by Juan Jose Abba
1997\05\02@002214 by Ian Raymond Douglas
'Test, Please Disregard'
1997\05\02@004308 by wns
1997\05\02@011147 by tjaart
1997\05\03@144233 by Martin McCormick
'HiPot tester recommendations?'
1997\05\09@182842 by Robert Zeff
1997\05\09@185823 by David Jeffers

'LCD testing program'
1997\06\01@075129 by Eric Martens
'Latest CD-ROM issue?'
1997\06\02@081229 by mike
'LCD testing program'
1997\06\02@102938 by David BALDWIN
1997\06\02@150028 by Eric Martens
'Latest CD-ROM issue?'
1997\06\02@154217 by Ian Raymond Douglas
1997\06\02@174933 by Eric Martens
1997\06\02@185526 by Wayne Bennett
1997\06\03@001831 by David Boone
'LCD testing program'
1997\06\03@034421 by David BALDWIN
1997\06\04@000637 by Paykar Chamani
'crystal testing'
1997\06\04@002532 by brooke
'LCD testing program'
1997\06\04@084554 by David BALDWIN
1997\06\04@122552 by Robert W. Teller
1997\06\04@135432 by Leon Heller
1997\06\04@164923 by Eric Martens
1997\06\04@191639 by Leon Heller
1997\06\04@205029 by Bruce Cannon
1997\06\07@014037 by Steve Smith
'Latest CD-ROM issue for NL'
1997\06\07@103640 by Mwa.Dekkers
'LCD testing program'
1997\06\08@144839 by tim.kerby

1997\07\17@045816 by Tiziano GALIZIA

'another test message'
1997\08\01@044651 by Eric Smith
'Test - please ignore'
1997\08\13@043652 by Dag Bakken
'Product Testing'
1997\08\18@030933 by tjaart
1997\08\22@200344 by IC Service: Amy
'Off Topic - test message'
1997\08\25@193634 by Darrel Johansen

'testing reply to'
1997\09\03@075515 by jeremy
'[OT} test message'
1997\09\08@163612 by Guy Farebrother
1997\09\08@163618 by Guy Farebrother
'Soak Test ?'
1997\09\15@133912 by howard e. michel jr.
'[OT] Test message... please ignore'
1997\09\16@135758 by eric.schlaepfer
'Test Instrument interface specification.'
1997\09\26@000951 by Peter Homann
1997\09\27@021045 by Nigel Goodwin
1997\09\29@152400 by antonio-vilches

'How do you test Math Routines?'
1997\10\02@083618 by Lou Calkins
1997\10\02@113437 by John Payson
1997\10\02@113856 by Ray Gardiner
1997\10\02@115117 by Madis Lobjakas
1997\10\02@115749 by Shane Nelson
1997\10\02@122057 by ndie Ohtsji [4555]
1997\10\02@123107 by Ray Gardiner
1997\10\02@125537 by Shane Nelson
1997\10\02@214534 by William Chops Westfield
1997\10\02@221742 by sdattalo
1997\10\09@013101 by Walter Banks
1997\10\20@183409 by Eric Naus
1997\10\20@184848 by Cliff Rogers
1997\10\20@212741 by Douglas J.A.R.Sasse
'ESD testers'
1997\10\21@134807 by pedraki
'DonTronics Logo Design Contest.'
1997\10\23@064546 by Don McKenzie
1997\10\25@100049 by Pantelis Pantelidis
'[OT] - EET/Wyle Design contest - anyone here enter'
1997\10\27@123038 by Harrison Cooper

1997\11\12@003516 by Pantelis Pantelidis
'test circuit'
1997\11\15@204712 by Joachim laforge
'any suggestions for a simple test circuit'
1997\11\15@233339 by Joachim laforge
1997\11\16@001902 by Don McKenzie
'test circuit'
1997\11\16@162221 by Felix Centeno
'any suggestions for a simple test circuit'
1997\11\17@144958 by Martin Nilsson
1997\11\19@145438 by Santiago
1997\11\20@055313 by David BALDWIN
1997\11\20@095120 by Mark Birks
1997\11\20@134110 by Steve Smith
1997\11\20@200803 by Jose Gongalves
1997\11\21@142437 by Santiago
1997\11\25@140226 by Jorge Pi
1997\11\25@164218 by Jorge Pi
1997\11\25@170253 by Fernando Santos

'Did my post get out? test?'
1997\12\02@164839 by Bill_McBrine
1997\12\03@132016 by Engineering Department
1997\12\04@043347 by wkysag
'Test post'
1997\12\04@110747 by John Hale
1997\12\04@154129 by Justin Crooks
1997\12\09@104949 by Alvaro Deibe Diaz
'Test, do not read.'
1997\12\14@193422 by Gabriel Gonzalez
1997\12\18@002728 by Brandon Chun
1997\12\18@003612 by Brandon Chun
1997\12\18@052200 by Kahn-Syd
'[OT] CRT memory & 'baby' contest'
1997\12\18@092115 by Matt Calder
1997\12\18@110439 by Sean Breheny
1997\12\18@185010 by Ross McKenzie
'[OT] CRT memory & 'baby' contest'
1997\12\19@085005 by paulb
'Test, do not read'
1997\12\21@014230 by Gabriel Gonzalez
'For test only - Don't read this'
1997\12\23@130555 by Humberto Bonasso

'Anyone from MAssachusetts..Help..Need test equipme'
1998\01\02@095338 by casmith
'73 RAM Test'
1998\01\06@205725 by The Jacky's
1998\01\07@051828 by Charles Hoss
1998\01\07@084411 by Tom Mariner
1998\01\07@134346 by Nickola Vasilev
1998\01\07@175254 by XYGAX
1998\01\07@192816 by Justin Crooks
'Test Message'
1998\01\22@152944 by John Shreffler
1998\01\22@154824 by peter
'[OT] Gibberish trailer test'
1998\01\22@155035 by John Shreffler
'Test Message'
1998\01\22@180752 by Mauro, Chuck
'Recall: Test Message'
1998\01\22@180755 by Mauro, Chuck
'Just testing my mail. Nothing to read.'
1998\01\25@134236 by Francesco Cembrola
'[OT] --> FCC Testing costs'
1998\01\26@130757 by WALLACEZ28
'fcc testing cost'
1998\01\26@193745 by operator
1998\01\27@084108 by Mcorio
'[OT] --> FCC Testing costs'
1998\01\27@175620 by Engineering Department
'PIC programmer from ITU and Logo Contest.'
1998\01\29@034902 by Don McKenzie
'FW: Test - please ignore'
1998\01\30@045730 by Mark Birks
1998\01\30@153143 by Daniel Leeds
1998\01\30@153147 by John G. Lin

1998\02\07@230156 by joel
'Frank Testa (was: "Re: Stealing Code")'
1998\02\08@140347 by Andrew Warren
1998\02\09@141319 by Bob Nelson
'MIME Test'
1998\02\11@143025 by MARTIN Green
1998\02\11@154237 by Bob Blick
1998\02\16@184614 by Kam Bansal
1998\02\19@040105 by Richard G. Thomas

1998\03\02@101632 by Ints Mikelsons
1998\03\10@084945 by Ints Mikelsons
1998\03\10@132156 by David Wong
1998\03\10@132557 by David Wong
1998\03\11@121715 by David Wong
1998\03\12@025033 by Ints Mikelsons
'test... please ignore'
1998\03\13@122501 by Rob Kean
1998\03\26@161207 by Giakoumis Angelos

'[OT] Test, please ignore'
1998\04\02@025121 by Bárdos Csaba
1998\04\03@044117 by Bors Robert
1998\04\03@045159 by tjaart
1998\04\03@065606 by Bors Robert
1998\04\03@114839 by Richard Nowak
1998\04\03@115623 by Richard Nowak
'uChip/CCI design contest : any results yet?'
1998\04\04@075625 by wouter van ooijen
1998\04\04@105913 by Walter Banks
1998\04\05@063919 by wouter van ooijen
1998\04\06@034742 by Russell McMahon
1998\04\06@063632 by Andy Kunz
'CCI Design contest press release'
1998\04\06@123656 by Walter Banks
1998\04\06@123656 by Walter Banks
1998\04\11@050150 by wouter van ooijen
1998\04\14@093734 by dparker
1998\04\17@081924 by Ints Mikelsons
1998\04\20@120450 by Webmaster TOPNET
'test by jazz'
1998\04\20@145723 by jazz
'Anyone want to sell some tested HiTech C code for '
1998\04\21@155619 by Craig Lee
1998\04\23@055844 by -Dossary %
1998\04\25@014903 by -Dossary %
1998\04\25@020322 by Bill Cornutt
1998\04\25@023033 by Bill Cornutt
1998\04\25@024700 by -Dossary %
'[ot] - This is a test'
1998\04\27@162952 by Scott Hidalgo
1998\04\30@165640 by C. Scott Arnold

1998\05\01@150827 by John Waterhouse
'PIC test modes (was Re: SX-Key debuger intrusivene'
1998\05\07@202216 by Eric Smith
'a test'
1998\05\13@113011 by Steve Becker
'India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\14@153152 by Vishram Sarurkar
1998\05\14@193123 by Andy Kunz
'WAY OT !!India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\14@222627 by Janet and Carl McIver
'India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\14@224157 by smg
'[OT] Re: India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\14@231555 by Dmitry Kiryashov
'[OT\ Re: India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\15@095020 by Andrew Warren
'India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\15@101257 by Scientific Measurement Group
1998\05\15@101257 by Scientific Measurement Group
1998\05\15@114647 by Matt Bonner
'[OT\ Re: India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\15@131747 by Andy Kunz
'India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\15@131758 by Andy Kunz
1998\05\15@133116 by Morgan Olsson
1998\05\15@145919 by Jerry Meng
'(OT) Re: India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\15@145922 by Janet and Carl McIver
'India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\15@152619 by Andy Kunz
1998\05\15@162542 by John A. Craft
'India's N-test (fwd) [OT]'
1998\05\15@163823 by Matt Bonner
'(Further Out SoapBox Out OT) Re: India's N-test (f'
1998\05\15@175225 by Richard Nowak
'India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\15@194201 by Morgan Olsson
'India's N-test (fwd) & Off Topic..'
1998\05\16@010141 by Dave Gunderson
1998\05\16@052631 by Morgan Olsson
1998\05\16@193637 by Andy Kunz
1998\05\16@200408 by Andy Kunz
1998\05\17@024324 by Matthias Granberry
1998\05\17@210316 by Ron Kreymborg
'SHUT UP - India's N-test...OFF TOPIC'
1998\05\17@222541 by Dale L. Parker
'India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\18@002320 by Morgan Olsson
1998\05\18@002324 by Morgan Olsson
1998\05\18@062628 by Andy Kunz
1998\05\18@085304 by Frank A. Vorstenbosch
'Re :India N-Test - The sensible solution'
1998\05\18@121541 by Hearn
'WAY OT : India N-Test - Did they use PIC's in the '
1998\05\18@160855 by John A. Craft
'SHUT UP - India's N-test...OFF TOPIC'
1998\05\18@170352 by Daniel Dourneau
'(OT) India's N-test (fwd)'
1998\05\18@205733 by Ron Kreymborg
'looking for the latest digital video techniqus!'
1998\05\22@143552 by Starfire Zhu
1998\05\22@161044 by Andy Kunz

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