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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'[OT] a web site on making PCB's'
1999\01\16@222244 by Peter Grey
1999\01\17@195715 by wwl

'Sharing my piclist archive site'
1999\02\02@194616 by Jeff Keyzer
'Project distribution site [was Re: project uploadi'
1999\02\02@204223 by Bob Drzyzgula
1999\02\02@211220 by Tony Nixon
'Sharing my piclist archive site'
1999\02\02@212713 by Regulus Berdin
1999\02\02@220416 by Jeff Keyzer
'Project distribution site'
1999\02\03@081721 by Alexey Vladimirov
1999\02\03@135514 by w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman
1999\02\04@081620 by Mark Willis
'{OT} web site,link,projects'
1999\02\10@200632 by andre
'Scenix links site'
1999\02\11@171733 by Alexey Vladimirov
'Looking for web site with data sheet'
1999\02\26@174750 by John Waters
1999\02\26@221440 by Mark Willis
1999\02\26@230242 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\02\26@231109 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\02\27@012701 by Peter Tran
1999\02\27@114751 by Gaston Gagnon
1999\02\27@141102 by Adriano De Minicis
1999\02\28@011613 by Kevin McCusker

'Looking for web site with data sheet'
1999\03\01@103914 by WF AUTOMACAO
'My links site has moved'
1999\03\17@174045 by Eric Schlaepfer
1999\03\21@161216 by Wagner Lipnharski
'[OT] Cellphone jamming revisited'
1999\03\26@174154 by Harold Hallikainen

1999\04\14@115122 by David Wong
1999\04\14@115955 by Ralph Stickley
1999\04\14@120205 by Andy Kunz
'Fwd: Ap Notes source code on Microchip's website'
1999\04\23@110953 by Eaejrphd
1999\04\26@003226 by Tjaart van der Walt
1999\04\27@004553 by Ravi Pailoor
1999\04\27@021359 by Tjaart van der Walt
1999\04\27@024338 by
'where can I find the SIL site?'
1999\04\27@123946 by Roberto Marchini
'[ot]Motion WWW Site'
1999\04\27@165230 by Fansler, David
'where can I find the SIL site?'
1999\04\28@154936 by Isto Virtanen
1999\04\29@051419 by Roberto Marchini

'Updated my PIC16F84 site'
1999\05\06@135854 by Yvan Heilig

'EL Backlighting revisited'
1999\06\04@144042 by Eric Oliver
1999\06\04@145504 by David Knaack
1999\06\04@172408 by Eric Oliver
1999\06\04@180638 by David Knaack
1999\06\09@172300 by Russell McMahon
'Gary's site is back!'
1999\06\24@013456 by Tim Hamel
'Gary's site is back! (embedded TCP/IP)'
1999\06\24@192320 by Jim Main
1999\06\24@222850 by Ray Gardiner
1999\06\25@091053 by jcesnik
'ANN: Web site w/ PIC, DMX-512, VB, etc Info'
1999\06\29@135924 by Adam Davis

1999\07\19@233129 by PIC Programmer
1999\07\20@010548 by Tony Nixon
'List of PIC Related Web Sites'
1999\07\29@172249 by John Bellini
1999\07\29@192042 by M. Adam Davis
1999\07\29@213725 by Myke Predko

'[OT] Composite Video on SVGA Computer Monitors?'
1999\08\08@231337 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\08\09@020545 by Eric Schlaepfer
1999\08\09@094014 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\08\09@114353 by Barry King
1999\08\09@120453 by Harrison Cooper
1999\08\09@150215 by Eric Schlaepfer
1999\08\09@150826 by Harrison Cooper
1999\08\09@154338 by Eric Schlaepfer
1999\08\09@155549 by Harrison Cooper
1999\08\09@164408 by Nigel Goodwin
'web site'
1999\08\11@003510 by Tony Nixon
'[OT] Recommendations for free web site providers'
1999\08\12@131002 by Adam Bryant
1999\08\12@133429 by ARudzki
1999\08\12@134051 by Adam Davis
1999\08\12@140836 by John Mitchell
1999\08\12@155648 by Tim Hamel
1999\08\12@162841 by Bob Drzyzgula
1999\08\12@172050 by Craig Lee
1999\08\12@174044 by paulb
1999\08\13@104836 by Henrik Lewander
1999\08\13@112616 by eplus1
1999\08\13@130352 by Henrik Lewander
'[OT] Cheap GPS revisited'
1999\08\13@184651 by Henry Carl Ott
1999\08\13@194445 by Craig Lee
1999\08\13@200734 by Bill Kichman
1999\08\16@125335 by Chris Eddy
1999\08\16@125958 by Adam Davis
1999\08\16@131039 by Norman Gillaspie
1999\08\16@161139 by Craig Lee
1999\08\16@191411 by Douglas Gourlay
1999\08\17@103839 by Craig Lee
'[OT] Font revisited'
1999\08\24@171141 by Andy Kunz

'12c508/9 sites'
1999\09\08@180527 by Kev Howard
'SMT Soldering revisited'
1999\09\10@065159 by William K. Borsum
1999\09\10@171706 by Bob Drzyzgula
'RS232 revisited'
1999\09\14@105256 by Quentin
1999\09\14@151115 by Dave Johnson
1999\09\14@200323 by Richard Prosser
1999\09\15@044100 by netquake
'chipfind website'
1999\09\16@211821 by Kev Howard
1999\09\17@032707 by Ivan Cenov
1999\09\17@052932 by Bjarne Nebelong
1999\09\17@094240 by Francisco Armenta
1999\09\18@133222 by Pedro Drummond
1999\09\20@031609 by Etienne
1999\09\20@082620 by King, Jonathan
1999\09\20@112159 by Bob Drzyzgula
'Labels Revisited--adhesives this time'
1999\09\22@030328 by William K. Borsum
1999\09\22@181446 by Brent Brown
1999\09\23@033536 by William K. Borsum
1999\09\23@185327 by Brent Brown

'New MPLAB v4.12.12 on Microchip Web Site'
1999\10\05@094145 by Darrel Johansen
'PIC ftp site'
1999\10\11@143811 by Edson Brusque
'Neat Site'
1999\10\13@225859 by Sean H. Breheny
1999\10\19@213651 by Mitchel
'site in portuguese'
1999\10\21@052823 by Mitchel

'An old question revisited.'
1999\11\11@205636 by Mathew Cohen
1999\11\11@210509 by McMeikan, Andrew
1999\11\11@210920 by Mark Willis
1999\11\12@010919 by Stuart O'Reilly
1999\11\12@045956 by Joe McCauley
1999\11\12@063040 by Dr. Imre Bartfai
1999\11\12@065325 by steve
'4-20mA problem revisited'
1999\11\30@110957 by Kelly Schauf

'Flat Panel Displays site; VGA LCD Interfacing?'
1999\12\15@120949 by Mark Willis
1999\12\15@125808 by James Paul
1999\12\16@064407 by Mark Willis
'SMT Document Revisited'
1999\12\18@020322 by William K. Borsum
'[OT] Tech site'
1999\12\24@004911 by Jinx
'[JOKE] [OT] Tech site'
1999\12\24@054135 by Agnes en Henk Tobbe
1999\12\24@070724 by Jinx

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