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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'inexpensive modem chips? (was Manchester Data Enc'
1998\01\10@093706 by John Griessen

'PIC as basband controller for RF Modem'
1998\03\19@193657 by Joshua A. Woods

'[OT] GSM modem pricing'
1998\04\28@021306 by tjaart
'[Very OT] dreams, dreams... Was:GSM modem pricing'
1998\04\28@064135 by Osama ALASSIRY
1998\04\28@081329 by White Horse Design
'[OT] GSM Modem'
1998\04\29@123224 by tjaart

'PIC based modem'
1998\05\08@180239 by ken
'pic modem'
1998\05\14@053543 by ratacus spartucus
1998\05\16@075222 by Dean

'Video to PIC to Modem'
1998\06\05@121046 by ashley
1998\06\05@170142 by Bob Blick
1998\06\05@184641 by Dan Larson
1998\06\06@134908 by rank A. Vorstenbosch
1998\06\08@143526 by Craig Lee
'[OT] X-modem protocol'
1998\06\15@213152 by Matt Bonner
1998\06\16@002318 by John Tibbits
1998\06\16@073126 by hatfield
1998\06\16@111141 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\06\16@113039 by Chris Savage
1998\06\16@145245 by William Chops Westfield
1998\06\16@213818 by Martin Green
1998\06\18@210656 by WF AUTOMACAO
'[OT] X-modem protocol'
1998\06\19@093914 by Nowhere Man
1998\06\19@102944 by Matt Bonner
1998\06\19@105706 by Matt Bonner
1998\06\19@111342 by WF AUTOMACAO
'[OT] X-modem protocol'
1998\06\19@194203 by Jack Trudeau
1998\06\20@035102 by White Horse Design
1998\06\20@193615 by CEFERINO ARAOZ FERRER
1998\06\22@024045 by WF AUTOMACAO
'16c74 to PC via modem'
1998\06\25@142831 by alan
1998\06\25@155754 by WF AUTOMACAO
'Using a PC modem with a PIC'
1998\06\25@163724 by Gary T. Pepper
1998\06\25@194206 by Harrison Cooper
1998\06\25@204430 by Jerry Meng
1998\06\25@224404 by Mike Keitz
'16c74 to PC via modem'
1998\06\26@071319 by Caisson
'Using a PC modem with a PIC'
1998\06\26@180201 by paulb
1998\06\26@205137 by Harrison Cooper
'16c74 to PC via modem'
1998\06\26@224941 by alan
1998\06\27@062514 by paulb
1998\06\28@020840 by A Thompson
1998\06\29@070453 by Caisson
1998\06\29@121118 by alan

'12V dc 1200 baud (212 type) modem'
1998\07\03@161150 by trobinso
1998\07\03@163518 by Timothy D. Gray
1998\07\03@164310 by hansen
1998\07\03@185020 by Herbert Graf
1998\07\09@125129 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\07\09@144548 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\07\09@175640 by Jerry Meng
1998\07\09@181308 by WF AUTOMACAO
'X/YMODEM Specs...'
1998\07\09@184439 by William Chops Westfield
1998\07\09@185307 by William Chops Westfield
1998\07\09@200137 by Jerry Meng
1998\07\10@090134 by WF AUTOMACAO

'Modem ICs'
1998\08\12@134402 by Carlos Fiestas
1998\08\12@135904 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\08\12@145305 by Rob
1998\08\12@160356 by Harold Hallikainen
1998\08\12@171058 by Carlos Fiestas
1998\08\12@191804 by Felix Centeno
1998\08\13@140755 by Claudio Rachiele IW0DZG
1998\08\13@173718 by Claudio Rachiele IW0DZG
1998\08\13@183719 by Dale Sponseller

'Modem behavior problem'
1998\09\09@110259 by Rob
1998\09\09@120144 by Mike Keitz
1998\09\09@132044 by Herbert Graf
'OT:modem back to back.'
1998\09\10@155704 by ogerio Odriozola
1998\09\10@162104 by Peter L. Peres
1998\09\10@163423 by David VanHorn
1998\09\10@163650 by William Chops Westfield
1998\09\10@170701 by Peter L. Peres
'OT: Another modem question.'
1998\09\10@172211 by ogerio Odriozola
'OT:modem back to back.'
1998\09\10@174616 by paulb
'OT: Another modem question.'
1998\09\10@191804 by Sean Breheny
'OT:modem back to back.'
1998\09\10@213710 by David VanHorn
1998\09\11@024110 by Mike Keitz
1998\09\11@033829 by Mark Willis
1998\09\11@034426 by Sean Breheny
1998\09\11@035045 by Lynx {Glenn Jones}
1998\09\11@035258 by Sean Breheny
1998\09\11@040126 by Mark Willis
'Another modem question.'
1998\09\11@042901 by Caisson
1998\09\11@112727 by ogerio Odriozola
'(OT) Long-Haul Modems' range'
1998\09\11@141605 by Mark Willis
'OT: Another modem question.'
1998\09\11@155831 by Sean Breheny
'[OT]:modem back to back.'
1998\09\11@163752 by paulb
1998\09\11@171043 by David VanHorn
'OT: Another modem question.'
1998\09\11@171457 by paulb
1998\09\11@222411 by fael Coello Paria
'OT: Another modem question.'
1998\09\11@222430 by Sean Breheny
'[OT] URL for Proxlink RF modem'
1998\09\12@012407 by wft
1998\09\12@084508 by Kevin McCusker
'OT:modem back to back.'
1998\09\13@185028 by Dennis Plunkett
1998\09\14@003316 by David VanHorn
1998\09\14@015126 by Dennis Plunkett
'OT: Another modem question.'
1998\09\14@064749 by ogerio Odriozola
'OT:modem back to back.'
1998\09\14@102829 by David VanHorn
1998\09\14@115751 by Tim Economu
'OT: Another modem question.'
1998\09\15@040654 by paulb
1998\09\21@190030 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\09\22@122427 by David W. Duley
'Need to manipulate a modem with a PIC.'
1998\09\22@123849 by Ricardo Ponte G
1998\09\24@020732 by Bulent Sahin
'Power Line modem for PIC'
1998\09\28@102138 by Gary Janzen
1998\09\28@112329 by
1998\09\28@134956 by Peter L. Peres
1998\09\28@134959 by Peter L. Peres
1998\09\28@135654 by Harrison Cooper
1998\09\28@192349 by Craig Lee
1998\09\29@001411 by rrose
1998\09\29@041847 by Jerry Meng

'RF modem that work at 900 MHz?'
1998\10\14@235732 by Sylvain Bilanger
1998\10\20@142246 by rob
1998\10\20@170459 by Adam Bryant
1998\10\21@010655 by rob
1998\10\23@064347 by mats

'looking for sample code, programming modem chip fx'
1998\11\17@200716 by bigchu
'FYI: Spec for serial null-modem modular adapters'
1998\11\20@123321 by Bob Drzyzgula
1998\11\21@123235 by Rick Richardson

'what is the difference? uart + rf of modem engine'
1998\12\02@220216 by bigchu
1998\12\04@100034 by Marc
1998\12\10@113115 by WF AUTOMACAO
'[OT] pcmcia modem'
1998\12\14@070551 by Justin Grimm
1998\12\14@084813 by Andy Kunz
1998\12\14@120829 by Peter L. Peres
1998\12\14@133400 by wwl
1998\12\15@001306 by keller
1998\12\21@110316 by Lauw Lim Un Tung
1998\12\21@151339 by paulb

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