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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Receipt of 1/4/99 3:23 PM message'
1999\01\04@120731 by Krueger, Ted
'Receipt of 1/4/99 3:19 PM message'
1999\01\04@120737 by Krueger, Ted
'Mis-Directed Message, SORRY!!!'
1999\01\18@170633 by Brian Aase
'[OT]RE: Mis-Directed Message, SORRY!!!'
1999\01\19@063947 by Michael Rigby-Jones
'Mis-Directed Message, SORRY!!!'
1999\01\19@063955 by Dr. Imre Bartfai
'[OT]RE: Mis-Directed Message, SORRY!!!'
1999\01\19@065745 by paulb
'FW: Virus - Warning message'
1999\01\19@220050 by Jorge Ferreira
'(OT) How can I review old messages???'
1999\01\19@221917 by Brian
'[Fwd: Hoax (Was Re: Virus - Warning message]]'
1999\01\20@020533 by erik
'FW: Virus - Warning message'
1999\01\20@032752 by Wolfgang Kynast
'[Fwd: Re: FW: Virus - Warning message]'
1999\01\20@073302 by paulb
'[OT] Virus - Warning message'
1999\01\20@075128 by Michael Rigby-Jones
'(OT) How can I review old messages???'
1999\01\20@101747 by Matt Bonner
'[OT] Re: FW: Virus - Warning message'
1999\01\21@183009 by Mark A Moss
'[OT] bounced messages'
1999\01\26@214122 by Dwayne Reid
'Bounce messages'
1999\01\29@034349 by dave vanhorn
1999\01\29@044856 by Paul Fletcher
1999\01\29@103834 by Joe and Pam
1999\01\29@200536 by Greg Cormier

'Bounce messages'
1999\02\01@124014 by Rich Graziano
'Replying to messages- a request PLEASE!'
1999\02\17@071808 by Paul BRITTON
'Bounced message - Sorry ...'
1999\02\24@065857 by caisson
1999\02\27@084654 by Goovaerts
1999\02\27@110546 by Gary Kelley
1999\02\27@150002 by Jim Paul
1999\02\27@165039 by ry (Nahum Tchernihhovsky)
1999\02\27@181438 by Cumhur Kizilari

1999\03\01@004007 by Kevin Fisk
1999\03\01@071823 by Howard Simpson
1999\03\01@092701 by WIL REEDER
1999\03\02@012102 by WILLIE W. HO
1999\03\02@135705 by Rasit GUMUS
1999\03\03@192921 by WILLIE W. HO

'[PICList Admin] The "No such User!" message some h'
1999\05\04@005044 by Mark Willis
'17C43: Warning message from MPLAB?'
1999\05\28@055820 by Geoff Wootton

'17C43: Warning message from MPLAB?'
1999\06\01@113700 by enesys - Ing. en Sistemas
'[OT] Message to PICList mebmber which uses fidogat'
1999\06\14@074714 by Stefan Sczekalla-Waldschmidt
1999\06\14@085636 by paulb
1999\06\14@230359 by Herbert Graf
'PICList Duplicate messages?'
1999\06\18@143349 by Mark Willis
'Warning messages'
1999\06\20@001017 by Mark Willis
1999\06\20@001401 by Tim Hamel
1999\06\20@014904 by Mark Willis
'[PICList ADMIN] Someone's bouncing messages back i'
1999\06\22@195112 by Mark Willis

'Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\07@155355 by Andy Kunz
1999\07\07@160454 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\07\07@161129 by Andy Kunz
1999\07\07@161324 by eplus1
1999\07\07@162040 by l.allen
1999\07\07@162049 by Adam Davis
'[OT] Re: Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\07@163001 by Wagner Lipnharski
'Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\07@164236 by Andy Kunz
1999\07\07@165106 by Francisco Armenta
1999\07\07@165538 by Andy Kunz
'[OT] Re: Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\07@165544 by Andy Kunz
'Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\07@165920 by Alice Campbell
1999\07\07@170335 by Mark Willis
'[OT] Re: Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\07@172022 by Dave VanHorn
'Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\07@172439 by Eric Aos
1999\07\07@180611 by Lee Jones
1999\07\07@183106 by paulb
1999\07\07@184153 by l.allen
1999\07\08@004850 by netquake
1999\07\08@082427 by John Pfaff
'[OT] Re: Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\08@104539 by Andy Kunz
'message # 311'
1999\07\09@013904 by Frans Gunawan
1999\07\09@064357 by Caisson
1999\07\09@080052 by paulb
1999\07\09@085642 by Nick Taylor
'To Get Yer Own Messages'
1999\07\14@135644 by Greg Wiley
1999\07\14@140235 by Anne Ogborn
1999\07\15@043354 by peterc
1999\07\15@043809 by Tim Hamel
1999\07\15@233357 by Mark Willis
1999\07\16@092913 by paulb
1999\07\17@004128 by Mark Willis
'hmmm... old post messages?'
1999\07\22@123628 by Wagner Lipnharski
'Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\22@125121 by Andy Kunz
1999\07\22@130810 by Matt Bonner
'hmmm... old post messages?'
1999\07\22@131018 by Adam Davis
'Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\22@131617 by Andy Kunz
'hmmm... old post messages?'
1999\07\22@132035 by John Pfaff
1999\07\22@151447 by M.v.d.Bilt
'[OT] Re: Internet Cleanup Message'
1999\07\22@152326 by William K. Borsum
'hmmm... old post messages?'
1999\07\23@044933 by Mark Willis
1999\07\23@100625 by Andy Kunz
1999\07\23@103110 by Jim Hartmann
1999\07\23@103919 by Jim Hartmann
1999\07\23@104337 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\07\23@104940 by Eric Aos
'[ADMIN] Messages Resent'
1999\07\26@123927 by Greg Wiley
1999\07\26@134725 by Mark Willis
'message # 311'
1999\07\27@125802 by Nick Taylor

'LED Moving Message Display'
1999\08\01@185915 by Jonathon Doran
1999\08\01@194729 by l.allen
1999\08\01@221911 by Bob Blick
1999\08\01@222326 by Bill Kichman
1999\08\01@232057 by Jeff King
1999\08\02@042248 by Brian Jones
1999\08\02@095408 by miked
1999\08\02@102613 by Wagner Lipnharski
'Apology for bounced messages... (OT)'
1999\08\02@111453 by Adam Davis
'LED Moving Message Display'
1999\08\02@112245 by brad
1999\08\02@121026 by Mike Keitz
1999\08\02@123348 by eplus1
1999\08\04@080148 by Tim
1999\08\05@215303 by Bill Kichman
1999\08\05@215923 by Bill Kichman
1999\08\05@231516 by Tony Nixon
1999\08\06@003537 by Bob Blick
1999\08\06@165037 by Bill Kichman
'[OT] correction--Moving message LED signs'
1999\08\14@162601 by Scott Newell
'[OT] Moving message LED signs'
1999\08\14@162807 by Scott Newell

'[OT] New message from Listserv'
1999\09\08@180523 by Sean H. Breheny
1999\09\08@181156 by Andy Kunz
1999\09\08@182307 by paulb
'Message ("Your message dated Wed, 8 Sep 1999 18:28'
1999\09\08@194250 by Dave VanHorn
1999\09\08@195250 by Sean H. Breheny
'[OT] New message from Listserv'
1999\09\09@031048 by Mark Willis
1999\09\10@155737 by Mark Willis
1999\09\10@162538 by Andy Kunz
'[PICList Admin] False "Rejected" messages...'
1999\09\29@005311 by Mark Willis

'[OT] Test message'
1999\10\12@104105 by PIC discussion list

'Bank Usage message from mpasm'
1999\11\30@152137 by Martin McCormick
1999\11\30@163723 by Dwayne Reid

'Bank Usage message from mpasm'
1999\12\01@013530 by paulb
1999\12\01@070731 by Martin McCormick
1999\12\01@071602 by Andy Baker
1999\12\01@162808 by paulb

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