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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'[OT]: Anyone see oddball GPS time glitches last ni'
2002\01\01@200121 by Dale Botkin
2002\01\01@202256 by John Brown
2002\01\01@215359 by John Ferrell
2002\01\01@220029 by Jim
2002\01\01@234534 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza
2002\01\01@234739 by Brandon Fosdick
2002\01\01@235405 by steve b
2002\01\02@001210 by Dale Botkin
2002\01\02@002425 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza
'[EE]:prototyping PC boards anc plastic cases.'
2002\01\05@041754 by David Queen
'[OT]: homemade plastic case'
2002\01\08@194018 by Vitaliy Maksimov
2002\01\08@195109 by Sean Alcorn - Avion Sydney
2002\01\08@200833 by Aaron Blohowiak
2002\01\08@200848 by Mitch Miller
2002\01\08@201234 by Chris Eddy
2002\01\08@202521 by Sean Alcorn - Avion Sydney
2002\01\08@203000 by Sean Alcorn - Avion Sydney
2002\01\08@203829 by Chris Eddy
2002\01\08@204057 by dave vanhorn
2002\01\08@204700 by David P. Harris
2002\01\08@205128 by Chris Eddy
2002\01\08@211928 by Brian Kraut
2002\01\08@212129 by Brian Kraut
2002\01\08@212940 by Sean Alcorn - Avion Sydney
2002\01\08@213335 by Brian Kraut
2002\01\09@024221 by Larry Williams
2002\01\09@091913 by Max Toole
2002\01\09@101413 by Lawrence Lile
'[OT]: homemade plastic case - thank you!'
2002\01\09@132127 by Vitaliy Maksimov

'[EE]: Looking for red-filtered plastic/plexi...'
2002\02\25@115645 by Pic Dude
2002\02\25@123557 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\02\25@175618 by DFansler
2002\02\25@184444 by Pic Dude
'[OT]: clear plastic hemisphere'
2002\02\25@212529 by Duane B
2002\02\25@212936 by Tony Nixon
2002\02\25@213556 by David Covick
2002\02\25@213809 by Ashley Roll
2002\02\25@222314 by Andy Meng
2002\02\25@231116 by Bob Blick
2002\02\26@010922 by Vit
2002\02\26@010940 by Duane B
2002\02\26@042838 by Alan B. Pearce
'[EE]: Looking for red-filtered plastic/plexi...'
2002\02\26@111510 by Bob Ammerman
2002\02\26@123052 by Vern Jones

'[EE]: Simple Flast Memory Or Equivalent?'
2002\03\08@145749 by Bill Brooks
2002\03\08@154129 by Olin Lathrop
2002\03\08@165544 by Matt Pobursky
2002\03\08@172434 by michael brown
'[OT]:Casting plastics?'
2002\03\27@130029 by Jay Hanson
2002\03\27@134153 by Dale Botkin
2002\03\27@134539 by Rick C.
2002\03\27@155251 by Dave King
2002\03\27@165331 by Jinx
2002\03\27@192458 by Ashley Roll
2002\03\28@030950 by Daniel Webb
2002\03\28@050549 by Jinx
2002\03\28@094738 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\03\28@112349 by SHAWN
2002\03\28@114414 by Micro Eng
'[PIC]: Last call for PCB contest (this month)'
2002\03\31@224434 by James Newton, webmaster

'[OT]: Anyone see oddball GPS time glitches last ni'
2002\04\09@005325 by Rick C.
'[OT]: Interesting planetary alignment - last for 5'
2002\04\25@181311 by Russell McMahon

'[EE]: Source for flat plastic ribbon cables requir'
2002\05\06@191751 by briang
2002\05\07@102206 by Mike Singer
'[OT]: custom plastic enclosures (was: [EE]: Your t'
2002\05\09@025132 by Picmicro List
2002\05\09@040335 by Alan B. Pearce
2002\05\09@094943 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\05\09@100359 by SM Ling
2002\05\09@101451 by Bond, Peter
2002\05\09@110401 by Alan B. Pearce
2002\05\09@111047 by Alan B. Pearce
2002\05\09@131604 by Bond, Peter
'[PICLIST] Source for IR-transparent plastic?'
2002\05\10@151715 by Rick Mann
2002\05\10@153053 by Pic Dude
2002\05\10@155859 by Fornaso Marcelo
2002\05\10@171706 by Tal Bejerano - AMC
2002\05\13@040940 by Alan B. Pearce
2002\05\13@052210 by Jan Lund
2002\05\13@060200 by Alan B. Pearce
2002\05\13@070753 by Russell McMahon
2002\05\13@184454 by Alan Shinn
2002\05\14@010908 by Reginald Neale
'[PICLIST] [OT] source of plastic enclosure with op'
2002\05\20@050911 by Trevor Page
'[PIC]: Plastic Base Available'
2002\05\26@201043 by Sean Alcorn - Avion Sydney
2002\05\27@224606 by Sean Alcorn (SYD)

'[OT]: Small plastic gear sources?'
2002\07\02@110114 by Pic Dude
2002\07\02@111313 by Rick C.
2002\07\02@111922 by Gordon Varney
2002\07\02@132616 by John Ferrell
2002\07\02@145501 by Andrew Warren
2002\07\02@191453 by Doug Hemingway
2002\07\04@021947 by John Fletcher
2002\07\04@023706 by Pic Dude
2002\07\06@044812 by John Fletcher

'[OT]: UV & plastic ulation'
2002\12\10@170816 by j
2002\12\11@113706 by Paul Hutchinson

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