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PICList Thread
'[TECH]:: Unintended consuences <-- [AR] Rocket Ra'
2008\08\16@032639 by Apptech


Here's a story from the aeronautical world.
As a metaphor for avoiding disaster by outthinking Murphy it
may be useful, and as a story its interesting.



        since you will be trucking your Rocket Racer from
place to place,
a safety tip from the Sailplane world.

It is rather easy to have an error where the controls move
correctly with
the stick but are still not properly attached.
Sailplanes get assembled and disassembled a lot. Some of
them spend the
majority of their lives disassembled in a  trailer.
After re-assembly the sailplane guys do a two person test on
disconnected surface.

Person one sits in the cockpit and moves each surface
through two full
range of motion checks.

Person two applies pressure by hand to each surface in  turn
testing for
disconnected movement
in both directions throughout the whole range of motion.

This is to catch something like a ball end in a socket
without the bolt
It moves the surface just fine, but as soon as tension is
placed on the
linkage it pops loose.

Obviously you don't want a gorilla doing the "apply force to
the surface"
test, but you don't want  to miss anything either.

I've personally seen this test fail. I was third or fourth
in line waiting
for a tow with the club glider at warner springs.

The first sailplane in line was a modern sailplane, supposed
have  "automatic" connections.
The sailplane had been assembled  by the owner/pilot using
the assembly
dollies that are supposed to allow single person assembly.
The guy marshalling tows asked him if he had done a control
check after
assembly as he was hooking up the tow rope.
The pilot replied yes, the tow guy said "a positive check?"
(as opposed to
a visual view check)
The pilot said no,  the tow guy said no tow, the pilot was
all pissed off
that he was going to loose his place in line,
and started getting mad.  another pilot in line ran up and
said I'll help
you do a quick one....

The right aileron moved up against force, but when   the
check guy applied
pressure in the opposite direction on the second
control cycle the aileron popped free. The pilot turned
ashen white and
became very sheepish.
The tow guy had just saved his life.


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'[TECH]:: Unintended consuences <-- [AR] Rocket Rac'
2008\08\16@034708 by Apptech

> Subject: [TECH]:: Unintended consuences <-- [AR] Rocket
> Racer Question....


Subject: [TECH]:: Unintended consequences <-- [AR] Rocket
Racer Question....

The spilling chicker seems to bee om stryke.


2008\08\16@080812 by Carl Denk

If this is swivel ball and socket "rod end" connection, standard
practice is to have a large diameter washer under the bolt head or nut
to contain the ball and socket if there is wear or otherwise it tries to
become disconnected.

Apptech wrote:
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