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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'16c74 A/D accuracy questions w/ difference Vref va'
1996\09\03@215710 by NEIL GANDLER

'accuracy of 12c508 internal clock?'
1997\01\03@111200 by Gerry Smith

'16C71 accuracy'
1997\11\11@061243 by Gordon Zerf

'timer1 inaccuracy'
1997\12\14@160054 by Tom Sgouros
1997\12\15@015803 by John Payson

'Real Time Clock Accuracy'
1998\09\22@122437 by Colan Tredrea
1998\09\22@132845 by greg
1998\09\22@133306 by Reginald Neale
1998\09\22@140831 by Rob
1998\09\23@042050 by Colan Tredrea
1998\09\23@045952 by Steve Lawther
1998\09\23@051025 by Stefan Sczekalla-Waldschmidt
1998\09\23@191043 by Russell McMahon

'16F84 10MHz Accuracy/Trim'
1998\10\19@024000 by James Cameron
1998\10\19@044020 by Regulus Berdin
1998\10\19@074026 by paulb
1998\10\19@095052 by WIL REEDER
1998\10\19@101121 by Mercy jean-marc
1998\10\19@115257 by Peter L. Peres
1998\10\19@124037 by Dave VanHorn
1998\10\19@152752 by cousens

'delay accuracy'
1998\12\18@121301 by uter van ooijen / floortje hanneman
1998\12\18@132328 by myke predko
1998\12\18@140519 by Andy Kunz
1998\12\18@140528 by Andy Kunz
1998\12\18@204344 by Michael J. Ghormley
1998\12\19@022040 by Vance Gloster

'Ceramic resonator accuracy'
1999\01\08@103104 by Jim Robertson
1999\01\08@115426 by Andy Kunz
1999\01\08@203844 by Harold Hallikainen

'Internal Oscillator Accuracy'
1999\04\15@211045 by parkiss

'Clock Accuracy'
1999\10\12@195823 by Thomas Brandon
1999\10\13@051409 by Russell McMahon
1999\10\13@125348 by Robin Abbott
1999\10\13@131028 by Wagner Lipnharski

1999\12\13@190234 by Tony Nixon
1999\12\13@192315 by David Duffy

'RC servo accuracy...'
2000\01\25@080130 by John Walker
2000\01\25@083311 by Quentin
2000\01\25@083930 by gdaniel
2000\01\25@111958 by Alan King
2000\01\25@112622 by Adam Bryant
'[OT] continued questions from RC servo accuracy'
2000\01\25@125601 by Steven Rightnar
'RC servo accuracy...'
2000\01\25@161004 by Aaron

'[OT] continued questions from RC servo accuracy'
2000\02\08@155612 by Mark Willis

'Audio DAC Accuracy [Tech]'
2000\04\04@214738 by Brandon, Tom
'[OT] RE: Audio DAC Accuracy [Tech]'
2000\04\04@230522 by Plunkett, Dennis
'Audio DAC Accuracy [Tech]'
2000\04\04@230533 by Don Hyde
2000\04\06@035916 by mike

'[PICLIST] interrupt accuracy'
2000\09\28@020000 by bdr
2000\09\28@040835 by Jinx
2000\09\28@064833 by Brent Brown
2000\09\28@120330 by Bob Ammerman
2000\09\28@121741 by Dan Michaels
2000\09\28@150539 by Olin Lathrop
2000\09\28@154625 by Bob Ammerman
2000\09\28@170743 by Olin Lathrop
2000\09\28@173454 by M. Adam Davis
2000\09\28@191334 by staff
2000\09\29@034631 by Ray Gardiner
2000\09\29@074624 by Snail Instruments
2000\09\29@075253 by Bob Ammerman
2000\09\29@091521 by Olin Lathrop

'[EE]: AC mains frequency accuracy (wad Timer Tribu'
2001\02\22@072944 by Bob Ammerman

'[PIC]: 16F877 A/D Accuracy'
2001\03\09@224908 by Jeethu Rao
2001\03\10@011911 by Robert Rolf
2001\03\10@021221 by dr. Imre Bartfai
2001\03\10@130306 by Jacob M Hartman
2001\03\11@232409 by Jeethu Rao
2001\03\12@113541 by Mike Mansheim
2001\03\13@014144 by dr. Imre Bartfai

'[PIC]: DS18S20 (Accuracy Between Devices)'
2002\04\08@230428 by Donovan Parks
2002\04\08@234231 by Tony Nixon
2002\04\09@005303 by M. Adam Davis
2002\04\09@010751 by Tony Nixon

'[PIC]: PIC12XXX internal oscillator accuracy'
2002\06\04@050858 by Tsvetan Usunov
2002\06\04@073557 by Olin Lathrop
2002\06\05@032603 by Tsvetan Usunov
2002\06\05@072128 by Olin Lathrop
2002\06\06@024533 by Tsvetan Usunov

'[PIC]: 16F870 ADC inaccuracy'
2002\11\02@174228 by Nick Veys
2002\11\02@175647 by Jim
2002\11\02@185137 by Jinx
2002\11\02@185345 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2002\11\02@185554 by Sid Weaver
2002\11\03@002222 by Peter L. Peres
2002\11\04@035249 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2002\11\04@035455 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2002\11\04@082322 by Jeethu Rao
'[PIC]: LTC Timecode reading. Long term accuracy'
2002\11\19@175400 by Robert.Rolf
'[PIC]: Clock accuracy'
2002\11\26@070547 by Tauno Siitam
2002\11\26@074605 by Olin Lathrop
2002\11\26@075234 by Kevin A. Benedict
2002\11\26@080304 by Russell McMahon
2002\11\26@084142 by Tauno Siitam
2002\11\26@090637 by Larry Bradley
2002\11\26@091443 by Olin Lathrop
2002\11\26@123733 by Bob Bullock
2002\11\26@145151 by Andrew Warren
2002\11\26@220523 by Bob Ammerman
2002\11\27@061829 by Russell McMahon
2002\11\27@081449 by Tauno Siitam
2002\11\27@095305 by Bob Ammerman
2002\11\27@100111 by Bob Ammerman
2002\11\27@102702 by Dave Gomez
2002\11\27@143852 by Mike Singer
2002\11\27@164247 by Mike Singer
2002\11\27@170502 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\11\27@180811 by Mike Singer
2002\11\27@181501 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\11\27@220726 by Dale Botkin
2002\11\28@041841 by Tauno Siitam
2002\11\28@044026 by Claudio Tagliola
2002\11\28@120930 by Chris Hunter
2002\11\29@020703 by Brooke Clarke

'Watch crystal accuracy'
2002\12\17@081927 by Larry Bradley
2002\12\17@084039 by Mike Harrison
2002\12\17@092118 by Larry Bradley
2002\12\17@101445 by Mike Harrison

'[PIC]: Clock accuracy'
2003\02\07@112050 by Ren
2003\02\07@123921 by Olin Lathrop
2003\02\07@143302 by Robert Rolf
2003\02\07@150822 by michael brown
2003\02\07@151027 by michael brown
2003\02\07@155543 by Robert Rolf
2003\02\07@162906 by Olin Lathrop
2003\02\07@164742 by Andrew Warren
2003\02\07@164943 by Larry Bradley
2003\02\07@172936 by Olin Lathrop
2003\02\07@174845 by Andrew Warren
2003\02\07@182659 by Olin Lathrop
2003\02\07@200717 by Reginald Neale

'Accuracy of Timer1 and Compare module'
2003\03\07@111148 by Martyn Cole

'[PIC]: AD accuracy/limitations...'
2003\04\10@133910 by PicDude
2003\04\10@140410 by Dwayne Reid
2003\04\10@141829 by PicDude
2003\04\10@142620 by Mike Harrison
2003\04\10@163437 by Dwayne Reid
2003\04\10@171143 by Olin Lathrop
2003\04\10@171809 by PicDude
2003\04\10@202739 by Jake Anderson
2003\04\10@210147 by Larry Bradley
2003\04\11@041232 by Alan B. Pearce
2003\04\11@074125 by Olin Lathrop
2003\04\11@191637 by PicDude
2003\04\12@081905 by Olin Lathrop
2003\04\12@121250 by PicDude

'[PIC]: 16F628 Comparator Resolution/Accuracy?'
2003\06\08@144414 by Picdude
2003\06\08@170413 by Dave Dilatush
2003\06\08@232655 by Dale Botkin
2003\06\11@160151 by Picdude

'[PIC]: ASYNC and clock accuracy (was PIC Fundament'
2003\12\01@105247 by Bob Ammerman

'[EE:] Quantum entanglement to improve accuracy of '
2004\01\24@042319 by Russell McMahon
2004\01\24@164414 by Robert Rolf

'[EE:] Temperature sensor accuracy?'
2004\02\29@223728 by James Nick Sears
2004\02\29@232617 by Spehro Pefhany

'[EE:] Temperature sensor accuracy?'
2004\03\01@020915 by James Nick Sears

'[PIC:]DS18S20 Accuracy'
2004\08\17@195747 by Steve Mercer
2004\08\17@212501 by Olin Lathrop
2004\08\17@231514 by Bruce Partridge
2004\08\17@234042 by Steve Mercer
2004\08\18@001207 by Steve Mercer
2004\08\18@013005 by Bruce Partridge
2004\08\18@014211 by Dave VanHorn
2004\08\18@031430 by Jason S
2004\08\18@101238 by Bruce Partridge
2004\08\18@103138 by Philip Pemberton
2004\08\19@094552 by Howard Winter

'[PIC] Allegro Current sensor accuracy ( was: Curre'
2004\09\13@044012 by Ake Hedman

'[PIC] Increasing ADC Accuracy'
2005\10\06@001153 by David de Regt
2005\10\06@004143 by Jinx
2005\10\06@010614 by Chen Xiao Fan
2005\10\06@015817 by Wouter van Ooijen
2005\10\06@073419 by Vasile Surducan
2005\10\06@092716 by Aaron
2005\10\06@193527 by David de Regt
2005\10\07@052119 by Vasile Surducan
2005\10\07@064339 by Aaron
2005\10\07@094830 by Gerhard Fiedler
2005\10\07@121559 by David de Regt

'[OT] measurement accuracy and such'
2005\12\02@113822 by William Chops Westfield
'[EE] calculation accuracy in compilers'
2005\12\02@132839 by James Newtons Massmind
'[OT] measurement accuracy and such'
2005\12\02@140512 by Gerhard Fiedler
'[EE] calculation accuracy in compilers'
2005\12\02@141217 by Danny Sauer
'[OT] measurement accuracy and such'
2005\12\02@141444 by Mike Hord
'[EE] calculation accuracy in compilers'
2005\12\02@142526 by Gerhard Fiedler
'[OT] measurement accuracy and such'
2005\12\02@143934 by David Minkler
2005\12\02@150510 by Spehro Pefhany
'[EE] calculation accuracy in compilers'
2005\12\02@154405 by Don Taylor
'[OT] measurement accuracy and such'
2005\12\02@163739 by Russell McMahon
2005\12\02@175803 by olin piclist
2005\12\02@185502 by David Minkler
'[EE] calculation accuracy in compilers'
2005\12\02@191651 by William Chops Westfield
2005\12\02@195124 by Gerhard Fiedler
'[OT] measurement accuracy and such'
2005\12\03@043426 by Russell McMahon
'[EE] calculation accuracy in compilers'
2005\12\03@124320 by sergio masci
'[OT] measurement accuracy and such'
2005\12\03@133958 by Sergey Dryga
'[EE] calculation accuracy in compilers'
2005\12\03@151056 by Gerhard Fiedler
2005\12\03@163743 by sergio masci
'[OT] measurement accuracy and such'
2005\12\03@164713 by Peter
'[EE] calculation accuracy in compilers'
2005\12\03@172709 by Denny Esterline
2005\12\03@214503 by Gerhard Fiedler
2005\12\04@140525 by sergio masci
2005\12\04@141427 by sergio masci
2005\12\04@174641 by Gerhard Fiedler
2005\12\05@124456 by sergio masci
2005\12\05@144537 by Gerhard Fiedler
2005\12\05@152108 by Walter Banks
2005\12\06@055947 by sergio masci
2005\12\06@062411 by Wouter van Ooijen
2005\12\06@062821 by Gerhard Fiedler
2005\12\06@070739 by sergio masci
2005\12\06@074942 by sergio masci
2005\12\06@081652 by Gerhard Fiedler
2005\12\06@150631 by Nate Duehr
'[OT] Wikipedia accuracy'
2005\12\19@094731 by Mike Hord
2005\12\19@120618 by Peter Todd

'[PIC] timer0 interrupt accuracy problem'
2006\02\26@041452 by Gökhan SEVER
2006\02\26@103019 by Tech
2006\02\27@025020 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2006\02\27@040402 by Gökhan SEVER
2006\02\27@081319 by Dave Tweed
2006\02\27@083331 by Gerhard Fiedler
2006\02\27@084116 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2006\02\27@125309 by Gerhard Fiedler

'[PIC] PIC16F88 Internal RC accuracy'
2006\09\26@011135 by Brent Brown
2006\09\26@034607 by Alan B. Pearce
2006\09\26@175820 by Brent Brown
2006\09\26@181558 by Harold Hallikainen
2006\09\26@183027 by Bob Axtell
2006\09\26@185805 by Brent Brown
2006\09\26@190944 by Brent Brown
2006\09\26@201607 by Jinx
2006\09\26@203303 by Brent Brown
2006\09\26@203449 by Brent Brown
2006\09\26@205536 by Jinx
2006\09\26@220138 by Harold Hallikainen
2006\09\26@221215 by Bob Axtell
2006\09\26@224937 by Brent Brown
2006\09\26@224937 by Brent Brown
2006\09\26@232721 by Brent Brown
2006\09\28@103913 by William Chops Westfield
2006\09\28@110642 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2006\09\28@112207 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2006\09\28@162338 by Brent Brown

'[PIC] Internal RC Osc. Accuracy 16F627'
2007\10\19@141546 by Mike B
2007\10\19@183258 by Jinx
2007\10\20@055453 by Peter P.
2007\10\20@154328 by Funny NYPD
2007\10\21@140041 by Robin Abbott
2007\10\25@153010 by Mike B

'[TECH] Required frequency accuracy for AM stations'
2009\09\06@174318 by Sean Breheny
2009\09\06@180224 by jim
2009\09\06@220858 by Harold Hallikainen
2009\09\06@235407 by Sean Breheny
2009\09\07@002222 by Harold Hallikainen
2009\09\07@073137 by olin piclist
2009\09\07@101158 by Sean Breheny
2009\09\07@142932 by Peter Restall
2009\09\07@143557 by Peter Restall
2009\09\07@155205 by Dave Tweed

'[TECH] Required frequency accuracy for AM stations'
2009\10\13@061935 by Alan B. Pearce

'[EE]USB oscillator accuracy.'
2009\12\26@142712 by Funny NYPD

'[EE] Digikey accuracy and QC??'
2010\05\12@120707 by Spehro Pefhany
2010\05\12@121539 by Herbert Graf
2010\05\12@122547 by Ariel Rocholl
2010\05\12@123029 by Sean Breheny
2010\05\12@123905 by Marcel Duchamp
2010\05\12@125420 by David Challis
2010\05\12@132944 by Mike Hord
2010\05\12@133145 by Tamas Rudnai
2010\05\12@134521 by Sean Breheny
2010\05\12@134704 by Sean Breheny
2010\05\12@140212 by Tamas Rudnai
2010\05\12@141225 by Spehro Pefhany
2010\05\12@151700 by Sean Breheny
2010\05\12@155211 by Tamas Rudnai
2010\05\12@162716 by Alan B Pearce
2010\05\13@020255 by Wouter van Ooijen
2010\05\13@020512 by Wouter van Ooijen

'[EE]:: Optimize High-Current Sensing Accuracy by I'
2013\02\12@201119 by RussellMc
2013\02\13@005237 by Sean Breheny

'[EE] SOC onboard oscillator initial accuracy a'
2014\10\23@155039 by NOPE9 YES
2014\10\23@162046 by Bob Blick

'[EE]: ESP8266 ESP12 ADC accuracy'
2015\10\19@221519 by Justin Richards
2015\10\19@221743 by Justin Richards
2015\10\20@001032 by John La Rooy
2015\10\20@005145 by Justin Richards
2015\10\20@040233 by Justin Richards
2015\10\20@041611 by James Cameron
2015\10\20@055433 by Justin Richards
2015\10\20@151658 by James Cameron
2015\10\21@125751 by embedded systems
2015\10\21@183845 by Justin Richards
2015\10\22@110422 by embedded systems
2015\10\22@115959 by RussellMc
2015\10\22@123821 by embedded systems
2015\10\22@154511 by Mike
2015\10\23@070732 by Justin Richards
2015\10\23@094652 by RussellMc

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