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'[EE] T6963 / RA6963'
2012\05\31@214305 by Steve Maroney

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Dear Gang,

Im having trouble with the address pointer on T6963c / RA6963 lcd. When I set it to 0x0000, and write a byte, the data shows up at the top upper left corner (address 0?).

but when I set address 0x0002, the data appears somewhere unexpected, such as a few rows down and and bunch of bytes to the right. Even setting the address pointer to 0x0001 shows up somewhere else
unexpected. Isn't the first byte at 0x0000, the next one at 0x0001, the third byte at 0x0002, etc ??

If I start address 0x0000, and use a loop to write bytes, the address pointer increments as expected, fills up the first row, then starts and the next, and keeps going as expected.

my graphic home address is 0x0000 and the graphic area is 30 (0x1e). The text home address (not really needing text) is 0x7900.

What i am doing wrong ?

Yes, I am checking status in between byte transfers [cid:image001.gif@01CD3F6D.576F4EB0]

I also tried two LCDs with the same results.


Steve Maroney
Business Computer Support, LLC
504.904.0266  Office
504.914.4704 Mobile
866.871.7797  Fax

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'[EE] T6963 / RA6963'
2012\06\01@002450 by William \Chops\ Westfield
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On May 31, 2012, at 6:38 PM, Steve Maroney wrote:

> but when I set address 0x0002, the data appears somewhere unexpected

Endian-ness issue?  (Send the low byte first.  That's probably the first byte in memory, but not necessarily.)


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