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'[PIC]: Son of ICD'
2002\04\25@220559 by Barry Gershenfeld

picon face
I have been thrust into the world of the 16-bit PICs and suddenly
have to pay attention to those topics.  I don't recall hearing
anything about the new ICD-2, though.

Today's chip is an 18F252.  The original ICD doesn't work with it,
so Microchip hath provided the new ICD-2.  All the features of
the previous, plus,

- cute new package, shaped like a hockey puck
- plastic stand so you can stand it on end
- USB connection
- power jack

The release notes tell us:

- USB isn't supported "yet"
- External power supply required when using RS-232
- Serial is 19200 only, no 57600
- Can debug a PIC, but not program it

Well, it didn't say there was no 57600 but there isn't. (Yet?)
Furthermore, when we asked Microchip about that "doesn't
program" deal, what they said was that while you can only
use the debugger, the debugger has the ability to program
the chip.  Go figure.  It's as if there is supposed to be
a "programming window" besides having the "ICD window".

It's nice enough, if it works.  But I'm having trouble.  I
think I'll put that in another message.


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