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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'?OT? Seven Segment Display Module.'
1997\10\28@052004 by Claudio Rachiele

'[OT?] OBD-II'
1998\02\22@225557 by Andrew Errington

'[OT?] UL and FCC certification'
1998\03\04@233141 by Gennady Palitsky
1998\03\05@121903 by Gennady Palitsky
1998\03\05@132432 by Mauro, Chuck
1998\03\12@185342 by Gennady Palitsky

'Editor Survey [OT?]'
1998\05\19@055631 by Osama ALASSIRY
1998\05\20@155333 by Bob Shaver
'Hitachi LM200 LCD Display (OT?)'
1998\05\25@185407 by Paul Byers

'Q: PIC 16F84 drives MOSFET hot?'
1998\06\24@214557 by James Cameron
1998\06\24@221943 by Ron Fial
1998\06\24@232757 by Bob Blick
1998\06\24@235628 by Mike Keitz
1998\06\25@031111 by Ron Fial
1998\06\25@041150 by Dr. Imre Bartfai
1998\06\25@195213 by James Cameron
1998\06\26@162117 by Calvin
1998\06\26@205541 by David VanHorn
1998\06\26@210958 by James Cameron
1998\06\26@222820 by James Cameron

'Cool bug: Cool robot?'
1998\07\21@171048 by Dan Larson

'[OT?] compressing measurement data from PIC to hos'
1998\09\01@061141 by MacBrick (Ronald Leenes)
1998\09\01@130505 by Thomas McGahee
1998\09\03@004331 by Andy Kunz
1998\09\03@012618 by James Cameron
1998\09\03@091614 by ken
'[OT?] Reducing noise on Piclist..'
1998\09\03@124737 by Adriano De Minicis
'[OT?] compressing measurement data from PIC to hos'
1998\09\04@111933 by Thomas McGahee
1998\09\04@141422 by Andy Kunz
1998\09\16@142152 by Ken Adamson
'[OT?] Wireless home automation with PIC'
1998\09\18@043832 by Mercy jean-marc
1998\09\18@055627 by Richard DOLLET
'OT MS USB support not?'
1998\09\27@020858 by
'[OT?] External A/D jitter'
1998\09\30@095732 by Dave Johnson
1998\09\30@113411 by Matt Bonner
1998\09\30@124837 by Bob Blick
1998\09\30@165341 by Chris Eddy

'[OT?] External A/D jitter'
1998\10\01@102916 by Dave Johnson
1998\10\01@112931 by Matt Bonner
1998\10\01@185047 by Tony Nixon
'Ground Systems (was [OT?] External A/D jitter)'
1998\10\02@042206 by Mark Willis

'OT?: getting on'
1999\01\27@173910 by Tony Nixon
'[maybe OT?] What is I2C? ][]['
1999\01\28@062504 by Greg Cormier
1999\01\28@075412 by ryan pogge
'[maybe OT?] What is I2C? ][]['
1999\01\28@082226 by Michael Rigby-Jones
'[maybe OT?] What is I2C? ][]['
1999\01\28@085132 by Caisson
1999\01\28@093432 by Graeme Smith
1999\01\28@102425 by Greg Cormier
'[maybe OT?] What is I2C? ][]['
1999\01\28@105018 by Michael Rigby-Jones
'[maybe OT?] What is I2C? ][]['
1999\01\28@105427 by Wolfram Liebchen
1999\01\28@122446 by keithh
1999\01\28@130733 by FThompson9
1999\01\28@140415 by Gerhard Fiedler
'[OT?] Wire Wrap headers'
1999\01\28@214026 by Bob Drzyzgula
'[OT?] Re: TIP - ZIF socket'
1999\01\28@214300 by Tony Nixon

'[OT?] FYI: TeraGen'
1999\02\11@075233 by Bob Drzyzgula
1999\02\26@081504 by miked
1999\02\26@223112 by Mark Willis

'[ot?] 14.725 MHZ QCO??'
1999\03\24@135624 by Ryan Pogge
1999\03\24@154032 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\03\24@161322 by Ryan Pogge
1999\03\24@190034 by Mike Keitz
'Topic or not?'
1999\03\26@041429 by juha tuomi
'[OT?] Speech Processors'
1999\03\28@155015 by Ed Edmondson
'[OT?] CD ROM'
1999\03\28@212849 by Tony Nixon

'[OT?] Soliciting PIC project sensor suggestions'
1999\04\02@114801 by Paul Davis
1999\04\03@172136 by Thomas McGahee
'[OT?] RE: Private telephone network ?'
1999\04\06@103238 by Andres Tarzia
1999\04\06@151455 by Lee Jones
1999\04\06@161239 by Eric Schlaepfer
1999\04\06@163122 by Andres Tarzia
1999\04\07@171458 by Eric Schlaepfer

'IEEE 1284 PP data direction changes [OT?]'
1999\08\04@175648 by eplus1
'[OT?] was "Neat" Panels?'
1999\08\25@224136 by D. F. Welch
1999\08\26@002749 by Terry
1999\08\26@210142 by Anne Ogborn
1999\08\26@212433 by Terry
'Home pone exchange based on PIC OT??'
1999\08\29@191519 by Agnes en Henk Tobbe
1999\08\30@053358 by paulb

'PicBasic Pro 2.12 update or not?'
1999\09\21@053424 by fernteix
'[OT?] Retro-Computer'
1999\09\26@032601 by Keelan Lightfoot
1999\09\26@041445 by Don McKenzie
1999\09\26@044839 by Keelan Lightfoot
1999\09\26@062234 by Don McKenzie
1999\09\26@085200 by paulb
1999\09\26@112838 by Steve Kelley
1999\09\26@174559 by Ing. Marcelo Fornaso
1999\09\26@175845 by Tom Handley
1999\09\26@202253 by bowman
1999\09\26@202708 by Dave VanHorn
1999\09\26@203546 by Robert M. McClure
'[OT?] Smaller was Retro-Computer'
1999\09\26@205623 by Dennis Plunkett
'[OT?] Retro-Computer'
1999\09\26@215651 by Keelan Lightfoot
1999\09\26@221310 by Keelan Lightfoot
'[OT?] Smaller was Retro-Computer'
1999\09\26@222107 by Keelan Lightfoot
'[OT?] Retro-Computer'
1999\09\26@224430 by Russell McMahon
1999\09\26@225507 by Andy Kunz
1999\09\26@225643 by bowman
1999\09\26@232209 by Sean H. Breheny
1999\09\26@233659 by Dennis Plunkett
1999\09\26@234733 by Keelan Lightfoot
1999\09\26@234923 by Keelan Lightfoot
1999\09\27@025452 by Lee Jones
1999\09\27@071612 by Howard McGinnis
1999\09\27@072027 by wwl
1999\09\27@075112 by Russell McMahon
'[OT?] Retro-Computer - paper tape reader'
1999\09\27@075734 by Harrison Cooper
1999\09\27@094418 by bowman
1999\09\27@100650 by Stevens, Kurt
1999\09\27@133251 by Reginald Neale
1999\09\27@153414 by Mark Willis
1999\09\27@153429 by Mark Willis
1999\09\27@155458 by Lee Jones
1999\09\27@162023 by Nick Taylor
1999\09\27@204956 by Russell McMahon
'[OT?]paper tape systems'
1999\09\27@225321 by William K. Borsum
'[OT?] Retro-Computer'
1999\09\28@025253 by Anne Ogborn
1999\09\28@030137 by Anne Ogborn
1999\09\28@042301 by Keelan Lightfoot
1999\09\28@193818 by paulb
1999\09\30@010736 by admins

'[OT?] Retro-Computer'
1999\10\02@091643 by Tom Handley
1999\10\02@100958 by Dan Larson
'Followup: [OT?] Retro-Computer'
1999\10\02@180224 by Keelan Lightfoot
1999\10\04@094504 by Barry King
1999\10\04@164013 by Keelan Lightfoot

'[OT?] Memory ID + Type'
1999\12\10@190007 by Victor Raba
1999\12\11@090636 by dvdmods
1999\12\13@124202 by Victor Raba

'low-loss voltage reg [OT?]'
2000\02\09@122551 by Opdahl, Patrick G
2000\02\09@125043 by jamesnewton
2000\02\09@125444 by Don Hyde
2000\02\09@135252 by Maverick
2000\02\09@144525 by l.allen
2000\02\09@175510 by William K. Borsum
2000\02\09@195150 by Russell McMahon
2000\02\09@195803 by Alice Campbell
2000\02\09@200811 by andy howard
2000\02\09@200816 by andy howard
2000\02\10@093125 by Jim Hartmann
2000\02\11@102014 by Edson Brusque
2000\02\11@111905 by Steve Landry
2000\02\12@030531 by Russell McMahon
2000\02\12@131533 by Jameel Ahed
2000\02\12@131739 by Jameel Ahed
2000\02\12@132602 by Wagner Lipnharski
2000\02\12@141700 by Mark Willis
2000\02\12@194908 by Robert A. LaBudde
2000\02\12@211308 by engalt
2000\02\12@213140 by Wagner Lipnharski
2000\02\12@215045 by Wagner Lipnharski
2000\02\12@224526 by Russell McMahon
2000\02\12@231101 by Rob

'[admin] Is Scenix OT?'
2000\05\14@114257 by Don
2000\05\14@125750 by James Michael Newton

'[OT]: OT?'
2001\09\14@072035 by Michael Maiorana
2001\09\14@091043 by Russell McMahon
2001\09\14@115135 by John Ferrell
2001\09\14@120240 by Roman Black
2001\09\14@142647 by Dan Michaels
2001\09\14@163642 by Chris Carr
'[OT]: OT?'
2001\09\15@122411 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman

'[PICLIST] [EE} MTBF numbers? [ot?]'
2001\11\05@155655 by Dave King
'[PICLIST] [EE] MTBF numbers? [ot?]'
2001\11\05@163842 by Dave King
2001\11\05@193600 by Gerhard Fiedler
2001\11\05@234546 by Dale Botkin
2001\11\06@013335 by Dave King
'[PICLIST] [EE} MTBF numbers? [ot?]'
2001\11\06@064243 by Alan B. Pearce
'[PICLIST] [EE] MTBF numbers? [ot?]'
2001\11\06@071855 by Bob Ammerman
2001\11\06@095212 by David VanHorn
2001\11\07@140702 by Peter L. Peres

'[PICLIST] Spam a lot?!?'
2002\01\12@101124 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza
2002\01\12@144240 by Tony Goetz
2002\01\13@113916 by M. Adam Davis
2002\01\13@210546 by Harold M Hallikainen
2002\01\14@052726 by Simon-Thijs=20de=20Feber?=
'[PICLIST] [OT] Re: Spam a lot?!?'
2002\01\14@055314 by brandon
'[PICLIST] [OT] Spam a lot?!?'
2002\01\14@064733 by Jinx
2002\01\14@071829 by Dale Botkin
'[PICLIST] +AFs-OT+AF0-: Re: Spam a lot?+ACE-?'
2002\01\14@100614 by Lawrence Lile
2002\01\14@102712 by Dale Botkin
'[OT]: Spam a lot?!?'
2002\01\14@103811 by Lawrence Lile
'[OT]: +AFs-OT+AF0-: Re: Spam a lot?+ACE-?'
2002\01\14@110308 by Al Williams
'[PICLIST] +AFs-OT+AF0-: Re: Spam a lot?+ACE-?'
2002\01\14@115433 by Harold M Hallikainen
2002\01\14@234357 by Jay Hanson
2002\01\16@191604 by jamesnewton

'[EE]: Dirty pot?'
2003\06\26@203719 by Robert Ussery
2003\06\26@220704 by Jinx
2003\06\26@222032 by Jim Korman
2003\06\26@224147 by Jinx
2003\06\26@232025 by Robert Ussery
2003\06\26@233720 by Jinx
2003\06\26@234547 by Robert Ussery
2003\06\26@235422 by Jinx
2003\06\27@015127 by Robert Rolf
2003\06\27@041549 by Nigel Orr
2003\06\27@125706 by Robert Ussery
2003\06\27@162833 by Roger Froud

'[PIC:] MPLAB IDE v6.6 released today. Crap shoot?'
2004\06\29@002741 by Robert Rolf

'[EE] Switching to lead-free, any reason why not?'
2004\10\12@122406 by Morgan Olsson
2004\10\12@191450 by Russell McMahon
2004\10\13@112144 by Morgan Olsson

'EE (OT?) Eagle Light questions'
2005\05\16@115404 by jrem
'[OT] Too OT?'
2005\05\31@082657 by olin_piclist
2005\05\31@094224 by Mike Hord
2005\05\31@102827 by Ben Hencke
2005\05\31@115648 by Bob Blick
2005\05\31@121023 by John Ferrell
2005\05\31@121142 by Russell McMahon
2005\05\31@122857 by Dave VanHorn
2005\05\31@123412 by James Newton, Host
'[OT] Too OT?'
2005\05\31@123830 by Russell McMahon

'[OT] Too OT?'
2005\06\01@002656 by Robert Rolf
2005\06\01@013509 by Russell McMahon
2005\06\01@015431 by Lonnie
2005\06\01@030718 by Wouter van Ooijen
2005\06\01@062410 by Russell McMahon
2005\06\01@082438 by Howard Winter
2005\06\01@083209 by Howard Winter
2005\06\01@095227 by Josh Koffman
2005\06\01@101334 by Byron A Jeff
2005\06\01@102439 by Russell McMahon
2005\06\01@103950 by Russell McMahon
2005\06\01@105322 by Wouter van Ooijen
2005\06\01@114702 by alan smith
2005\06\01@115350 by Byron A Jeff
2005\06\01@124714 by Wouter van Ooijen
2005\06\01@130312 by Dmitriy Kiryashov
2005\06\01@132110 by Bob Blick
2005\06\01@140716 by Dmitriy Kiryashov
2005\06\01@152412 by Byron A Jeff
2005\06\01@175343 by Carey Fisher - NCS
2005\06\02@025600 by Russell McMahon
2005\06\03@094301 by John Colonias
2005\06\03@095443 by Mike Hord
2005\06\03@102609 by Carey Fisher - NCS
2005\06\03@111900 by Dave VanHorn

'[PIC] (OT?) Thoughs on SunSPOTs?'
2006\03\10@140155 by Sean C. Malloy
'[PIC] (OT?) Thoughs on SunSPOTs? REPLY WITH [EE]!'
2006\03\10@144533 by James Newton, Host
2006\03\10@171120 by Jason
2006\03\14@090617 by Michael Rigby-Jones

'[OT] Physical Access != Root? Was: MPLAB as non-ad'
2006\04\19@003719 by Nathan Nottingham
2006\04\19@043217 by Alan B. Pearce
2006\04\19@051019 by Wouter van Ooijen
2006\04\19@134256 by Hector Martin
2006\04\19@141910 by Danny Sauer
2006\04\19@151505 by Hector Martin
2006\04\19@153700 by Nathan Nottingham
2006\04\19@154033 by Nathan Nottingham
2006\04\19@154643 by Danny Sauer
2006\04\19@161950 by Danny Sauer
2006\04\19@163652 by Hector Martin
2006\04\19@164914 by Hector Martin
2006\04\19@171547 by Gerhard Fiedler
2006\04\19@173846 by Nathan Nottingham
2006\04\19@175738 by Mike Hord
2006\04\19@182101 by Nathan Nottingham
2006\04\19@200017 by Byron A Jeff
2006\04\19@212223 by Mike Hord
2006\04\20@033218 by Alan B. Pearce

'[SX] Clearing ram, but maybe not?'
2006\05\11@033416 by EmptyBitn/a
2006\05\11@053908 by beann/a
2006\05\11@130344 by EmptyBitn/a

'[SX] SX-Key Hot?'
2007\04\12@064104 by quampern/a
2007\04\12@080855 by CCraign/a
2007\04\14@123857 by _BPM_n/a

'[OT][EE] Electric/Hybrid or not?'
2007\12\05@171829 by Funny NYPD
2007\12\05@181403 by Bob Blick
2007\12\05@222553 by Timothy J. Weber
2007\12\06@003816 by William \Chops\ Westfield
2007\12\06@083312 by Carl Denk
2007\12\06@091313 by Timothy J. Weber
2007\12\06@094304 by Carl Denk

'[OT]Publishers are clever people godwot?'
2008\05\27@065708 by cdb

'OT? Re: [PIC] ADCON1 and 0x06'
2010\02\18@150152 by Bo Dirigo
2010\02\18@153740 by joseph

'[EE] linear or audio taper pot?'
2011\02\21@174616 by Dr Skip
2011\02\21@181240 by IVP
2011\02\21@182916 by Bob Blick
2011\02\21@184030 by Carl Denk
2011\02\22@073511 by Olin Lathrop
2011\02\22@111215 by Dr Skip
2011\02\22@112710 by Kerry Wentworth
2011\02\22@112759 by Olin Lathrop
2011\02\22@120506 by Bob Blick
2011\02\22@122145 by Carl Denk
2011\02\23@123659 by Dwayne Reid

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