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'[PIC]: Better way to rotate?'
2000\07\17@172634 by Chris Eddy
2000\07\17@183025 by Mark Willis
2000\07\18@093740 by Scott Dattalo
2000\07\18@112842 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2000\07\18@114713 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2000\07\18@120620 by Scott Dattalo
2000\07\18@123757 by David Kott
2000\07\18@134707 by Scott Dattalo
2000\07\18@135229 by Chris Eddy
2000\07\18@162951 by Peter L. Peres
2000\07\18@170115 by Scott Dattalo
2000\07\18@172344 by Dmitry Kiryashov
2000\07\18@173458 by H.P. de Vries
2000\07\18@173910 by Dmitry Kiryashov
2000\07\18@174448 by Dmitry Kiryashov
2000\07\18@175041 by Scott Dattalo
2000\07\18@181557 by Effect Ulit
2000\07\18@182811 by Dmitry Kiryashov
2000\07\19@031933 by Ries van Twisk
2000\07\19@042047 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2000\07\19@043122 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2000\07\19@163727 by Peter L. Peres
2000\07\19@173359 by Dmitry Kiryashov
2000\07\19@174019 by Peter L. Peres

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