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'[PIC] [ot] Duhhh too'
2000\01\03@163405 by Robert.Rolf

picon face
On Mon, 3 Jan 2000, some smart ass wrote:

About my request to add a [PIC] tag to the subject line:

> Daaaaaaa, i red the instructions but i theenk i just are too dummm.

No, I just have disk quotas which regularly get blown by large binaries I
frequently receive (joint programming project). Procmail and the like sort
to local space and so frequently fail on quota. I can leave 16Mb in my
inbox without problem so I do so and have to forgo the use of the
available tools. This means sorting incoming mail by eye.

Sure, it's MY problem, but I'm sorry to see that something sensible is
so easily rejected because it represents a small change to the way things
are done here. Nothing like a little inertia to ensure progress...

Sorry to have wasted your time with such a simple request.
Lots of value to be found here. Lots of jerks too.

"That's not a bug! That's an 'undocumented feature'".

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