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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'[BUY] Existing CAN project to buy / modify'
2008\01\03@224800 by James Newton
2008\01\04@002834 by Xiaofan Chen
2008\01\04@060713 by YAP
2008\01\04@075411 by Ruben Jönsson
2008\01\04@090836 by olin piclist
2008\01\04@092858 by Xiaofan Chen
2008\01\04@094712 by Spehro Pefhany
2008\01\04@095820 by Xiaofan Chen
2008\01\04@100238 by Apptech
2008\01\04@101435 by Xiaofan Chen
2008\01\04@103840 by alan smith
2008\01\04@112544 by olin piclist
2008\01\04@154844 by James Newton
2008\01\04@174835 by alan smith
2008\01\04@192032 by Xiaofan Chen
2008\01\04@192433 by Ruben Jönsson
2008\01\04@194605 by Xiaofan Chen
'[BUY] Lead firmware developer'
2008\01\22@151653 by Vitaliy

'[BUY] Toronto- FT Electronic Tech needed'
2008\03\03@132747 by Spehro Pefhany
2008\03\03@152848 by John Samperi
2008\03\03@155435 by Peter Todd
2008\03\03@170012 by Spehro Pefhany
2008\03\03@171045 by Peter Todd
2008\03\04@075807 by PAUL James
2008\03\04@202127 by Ray Newman
2008\03\04@205508 by ken
2008\03\05@000419 by Peter Todd
2008\03\05@221152 by Cedric Chang
'[BUY] Toronto- FT Electronic Tech needed'
2008\03\06@195737 by Vitaliy
'[BUY] My Company Needs EE; Non-Grad Considered'
2008\03\07@000947 by Bob Axtell
2008\03\07@020007 by John Samperi
'[BUY] Pic17c756a/cl'
2008\03\20@170900 by Anton Zorn
2008\03\20@221219 by Spehro Pefhany
'[BUY] (or rent) Embedded software engineer in Pitt'
2008\03\27@183908 by David VanHorn
'[BUY] (or rent) Software engineer in Pittsburgh'
2008\03\27@184128 by David VanHorn

'[BUY] Small metal enclosures'
2008\04\03@084542 by Chris Smolinski
'[BUY] ARM consultant, pittsburgh area preferred'
2008\04\04@205430 by David VanHorn
2008\04\04@220136 by John Samperi
2008\04\04@222047 by Spehro Pefhany
2008\04\04@222055 by Xiaofan Chen
2008\04\05@014741 by Sean Breheny
2008\04\05@045724 by Xiaofan Chen
2008\04\07@153300 by Mauricio Giovagnini
'[BUY] Light socket with cord?'
2008\04\17@222727 by Josh Koffman
2008\04\17@225257 by William \Chops\ Westfield
2008\04\17@230517 by Josh Koffman
2008\04\17@234719 by Rich
2008\04\18@010039 by Tony Smith
2008\04\18@012748 by Josh Koffman
'[BUY]: Need 20 MHz crystals'
2008\04\25@160643 by Wouter van Ooijen
'[BUY]Re: Need 20 MHz crystals'
2008\04\25@164648 by Funny NYPD
'[BUY]: Need 20 MHz crystals'
2008\04\25@225014 by Rich
2008\04\25@230612 by Rich
'[BUY] Small metal enclosures'
2008\04\29@083741 by alan smith
2008\04\29@095005 by PicDude
2008\04\29@160044 by Jeff Stevens

'[BUY] Where to buy VLSI VS1053 in USA?'
2008\05\05@001422 by soliton
2008\05\05@083945 by alan smith
'[BUY] RCV420 4-20mA RX IC'
2008\05\09@212338 by Enki
2008\05\09@215625 by Xiaofan Chen
2008\05\09@224802 by Enki
2008\05\09@234348 by Xiaofan Chen

'[BUY] Solder paste in a syringe'
2008\06\09@180806 by James Newton
2008\06\09@182927 by Richard Prosser
2008\06\09@183852 by Bob Blick
2008\06\09@184317 by Carey Fisher
2008\06\09@184637 by James Nick Sears
2008\06\09@202352 by John Ferrell
2008\06\09@210808 by Vic Fraenckel
2008\06\09@214311 by Peter Todd
2008\06\09@234357 by Vasile Surducan
2008\06\10@071738 by Tamas Rudnai
2008\06\10@094021 by M. Adam Davis
2008\06\10@094226 by Peter Todd
2008\06\11@131917 by Artie Jones
2008\06\11@162102 by Adam Field
2008\06\11@172859 by M. Adam Davis
2008\06\11@194914 by KY1K
2008\06\11@205905 by Andrew Burchill
2008\06\11@235404 by Artie Jones
2008\06\12@041141 by Alan B. Pearce
2008\06\12@125257 by Matthew Bajor
2008\06\12@132017 by KY1K
2008\06\12@134540 by Matthew Bajor
'[BUY] Pickit2 Debug Express'
2008\06\14@131315 by Tomás Ó hÉilidhe
2008\06\14@134539 by Tamas Rudnai
2008\06\14@144244 by Funny NYPD

'[BUY] Assembly code Work in Cincinnati, Ohio'
2008\07\08@155220 by Jeff Anno

2008\08\16@015155 by Douglas Wood
'[BUY] Footswitch and Pendant Switch'
2008\08\22@151139 by Josh Koffman
2008\08\22@152519 by Alex Harford
2008\08\22@160243 by Timothy Weber
'[BUY]Good Assembly shop in New England or Canada?'
2008\08\28@144705 by Funny NYPD
2008\08\28@152144 by Martin
2008\08\28@154941 by olin piclist
2008\08\28@155321 by olin piclist

'[BUY] Custom cable manufacturer for small jumpers'
2008\09\07@055535 by Forrest W Christian
2008\09\07@072608 by Wouter van Ooijen
2008\09\07@175048 by PicDude
'[BUY] contract manufacturers in Portland OR area?'
2008\09\17@162406 by Bob Blick
2008\09\17@165213 by Marcel Duchamp
2008\09\17@182738 by alan smith
2008\09\17@184355 by Bob Blick
2008\09\17@185734 by Marcel Duchamp
2008\09\17@203837 by Vitaliy

'[BUY] 20-100 Stepper Motors: uni,N23,1.8',2A,141oz'
2008\10\21@171140 by James Newton
'[BUY] C30 compiler license'
2008\10\24@232217 by Vitaliy

2008\12\04@033508 by Chris Gavin-egan
2008\12\04@035759 by John Samperi
2008\12\04@035843 by Tony Smith
2008\12\04@045458 by Chris Gavin-egan
2008\12\04@045536 by Chris Gavin-egan
2008\12\04@055154 by Tony Smith
2008\12\04@061933 by Chris Gavin-egan
2008\12\04@075757 by Tony Smith
2008\12\04@170937 by Herbert Graf
2008\12\04@171058 by Herbert Graf
2008\12\04@234832 by Herbert Graf
2008\12\08@133021 by Jeff Anno
'[BUY] Citrix print: Document name vs "Citrix ICA R'
2008\12\08@142410 by James Newton
'[BUY] RFID KIT - where i am at so far'
2008\12\08@145227 by Chris Gavin-egan
2008\12\08@154138 by Michael Algernon
2008\12\08@161146 by olin piclist
2008\12\08@174849 by Chris Gavin-egan
2008\12\08@181443 by Michael Algernon
2008\12\08@212517 by Chris Gavin-egan
'[BUY] Looking for EE, switching power supp, class '
2008\12\12@120904 by olin piclist
2008\12\12@124731 by William \Chops\ Westfield
2008\12\12@140911 by Herbert Graf
2008\12\12@141437 by olin piclist
2008\12\12@141703 by olin piclist
2008\12\12@202936 by Xiaofan Chen
2008\12\13@100029 by olin piclist
2008\12\13@165759 by John Day
2008\12\13@171339 by John Day
2008\12\13@195457 by apptech

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