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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'[PICLIST] [AD] Selling 1000 AT90S4414-8JC IC's'
2001\01\02@154200 by Richard Sloan
'[AD]: AT90S4414-8JC's for sale'
2001\01\02@162544 by Richard Sloan
'[PICLIST] Re [ADMIN]: spam'
2001\01\08@192242 by Andy Howard
2001\01\09@065919 by Morgan Olsson
'[PICLIST] [AD] Pic experimenter's kits / GameEnhan'
2001\01\11@014824 by Steve Henry
'[AD]: Programmer Wanted'
2001\01\14@230514 by James Newton
'all: [ADMIN]: going down for a quick m'
2001\01\16@150208 by jamesnewton
'[ad]: Re: Where is the best PIC NiCd charger?'
2001\01\16@155957 by Mark Skeels
'[ad]: Re: Where is the best PIC NiCd charger?'
2001\01\16@161834 by Andrew Kunz
2001\01\16@170415 by Mark Skeels
'[AD]: Structured Basic for PIC18 Series'
2001\01\17@102140 by Eric James
'[AD]: Anyone want my Tek2221?'
2001\01\18@112116 by Chris Eddy
'[AD]: AD588, AD569 surplus stock available'
2001\01\19@102655 by mike
'[AD]: Selliing 1000+ AT90S4414-8JC Atmel controlle'
2001\01\20@114418 by Richard Sloan
'[AD]: HM6116P-3 SRAMs'
2001\01\21@164113 by Matt Bennett
'All: [ADMIN] Kick BUTT new search ability at picli'
2001\01\24@193305 by jamesnewton
2001\01\24@233814 by James Newton
2001\01\24@234727 by Jinx
2001\01\24@234727 by Jinx
2001\01\25@014359 by Stephen B Webb
2001\01\25@014359 by Stephen B Webb
2001\01\25@024807 by Jinx
2001\01\25@024807 by Jinx
2001\01\25@091802 by Olin Lathrop
2001\01\25@091802 by Olin Lathrop
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN] Kick BUTT new search ability at '
2001\01\25@095343 by Lawrence Lile
2001\01\25@104442 by Bob Ammerman
2001\01\25@110513 by Alan B. Pearce
'[PIC]: [AD]:In Circuit Debugger?'
2001\01\28@040244 by Octavio P Nogueira
2001\01\28@133046 by dre Domingos F. Souza
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Attn. Mr. James Newton'
2001\01\30@191837 by Peter L. Peres
2001\01\31@114624 by jamesnewton
'[AD]: Software'
2001\01\31@230710 by Peter May

'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Attn. Mr. James Newton'
2001\02\01@172801 by Peter L. Peres
2001\02\01@182915 by jamesnewton
'[EE]: [AD]: UL Chargers'
2001\02\08@095534 by tcrist
2001\02\08@173557 by tcrist
2001\02\08@174821 by tcrist
2001\02\08@180335 by David VanHorn
2001\02\08@181404 by tcrist
'[AD]: Sale of my Newfound PP1 Programmer'
2001\02\09@062040 by Peter Crowcroft
'[AD]: Re: Car alarm.'
2001\02\12@231553 by Byron A Jeff
'[AD]: PIC based Webserver / Web Client based on AN'
2001\02\14@084953 by Richard Rooney
2001\02\14@085626 by D Lloyd
'[PICLIST] [AD] For Sale: New PicStart Plus'
2001\02\14@105752 by T C
'[AD]: New PicStart Plus For Sale'
2001\02\14@105812 by T C
2001\02\14@111915 by Thomas C. Sefranek
'[AD]: Looking for contract work 15 years experienc'
2001\02\14@114804 by Richard Sloan
2001\02\14@121231 by Richard Sloan
'[PICLIST] [AD] For Sale: New PicStart Plus'
2001\02\14@124505 by Dmitry A. Kiryashov
'[AD]: RE: Car alarm. (correction)'
2001\02\14@160742 by Herbert Graf
'[AD]: New PicStart Plus For Sale'
2001\02\15@025224 by Roman Black
2001\02\15@052814 by Michael Rigby-Jones
'[PICLIST] [Admin]: Where are all these messages co'
2001\02\15@141532 by Dr. Chris Kirtley
'[PICLIST] all: [Admin]: Where are all these messag'
2001\02\15@144835 by James Newton
'all: [Admin]: Where are all these messages coming '
2001\02\15@144835 by James Newton
'All: [ADMIN] Kick BUTT archive. Unlock'
2001\02\21@174422 by jamesnewton
'all: [ADMIN] apologies, some incorrect topic remin'
2001\02\22@143349 by James Newton
'[AD]: New Picstart Plus For Sale'
2001\02\23@152124 by T C
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: PicList zone for posting files '
2001\02\28@005224 by Alejandro Lavarello
2001\02\28@105345 by Simon Ethier
2001\02\28@113411 by jamesnewton

'[OT]: [ADMIN] PICList breaks the 2K Mark!'
2001\03\02@111004 by jamesnewton
'[OT]: [ADMIN] New FLAME! feature at'
2001\03\07@133741 by jamesnewton
'all: [ADMIN]: Bounces detected and nuked (I hope)'
2001\03\09@111419 by James Newton
2001\03\09@111419 by James Newton
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: James ?'
2001\03\10@061520 by Peter L. Peres
2001\03\10@120556 by Chris Carr
2001\03\13@135457 by jamesnewton
'All: [ADMIN] EMEGENCY! Stop Texas bounces!'
2001\03\13@135457 by jamesnewton
2001\03\13@142351 by Scott Dattalo
2001\03\13@142351 by Scott Dattalo
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: fixed point binary representati'
2001\03\14@060232 by Vasile Surducan
2001\03\14@064525 by James Newton
2001\03\14@065752 by Vasile Surducan
2001\03\14@071217 by Vasile Surducan
2001\03\14@110151 by jamesnewton
2001\03\14@110315 by Brandon Fosdick
2001\03\14@111607 by Dan Michaels
2001\03\14@114114 by jamesnewton
'[EE]: [AD]: DC Power supplies for free'
2001\03\15@120426 by tcrist
'[AD]: Online book'
2001\03\15@205240 by Sean H. Breheny
2001\03\15@223717 by Jim Paul
2001\03\15@232608 by Ron Wilder
2001\03\15@235800 by Randy Glenn
'[PIC]: [ADMIN] fixed point binary representation'
2001\03\16@022634 by Vasile Surducan
'[AD]: Online book'
2001\03\16@091316 by Mark Skeels
2001\03\16@101703 by Mike Mansheim
2001\03\16@140209 by Joan Ilari
2001\03\16@141045 by Simon Ethier
2001\03\16@141505 by Bruce Smith
2001\03\16@173425 by Sean H. Breheny
2001\03\17@054825 by Alan B. Pearce
2001\03\18@153934 by Jagath Ekanayake
2001\03\18@193540 by shane
2001\03\19@080249 by iso-8859-1?Q?Sari=F1ana?=
'[OT]: [ADMIN] SPAM from Rigis Dupuis http://'
2001\03\19@122141 by Roman Black
'[OT]: [ADMIN] SPAM from Rigis Dupuis http:// www.t'
2001\03\19@123544 by Mark Bishop
2001\03\19@131406 by jamesnewton
2001\03\19@144301 by Dwayne Reid
'[AD]: PLCC programmer adapter'
2001\03\19@202918 by David Duffy
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Bouncing from Texas again?'
2001\03\21@120139 by Alan B. Pearce
2001\03\21@122206 by D Lloyd
2001\03\21@124248 by John Pfaff
'[PICLIST] [AD] Online Book'
2001\03\21@125943 by Sean Breheny
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Bouncing from Texas again?'
2001\03\21@144505 by jamesnewton
2001\03\21@182319 by Chris Carr
'[AD]: Add Graphs and Charts to your Editor'
2001\03\22@110843 by Petar Ristanovic
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Postbot back on line... Call me'
2001\03\22@190009 by jamesnewton
'[AD]: Online book'
2001\03\23@205158 by patmurphy
'[OT]: [ADMIN] Bounces'
2001\03\27@125409 by jamesnewton
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Bounces? Or Degarvue'
2001\03\28@110652 by Graham North
2001\03\28@122757 by Alan B. Pearce
2001\03\28@143245 by Jonathan Miller
'[AD]: Online Book Table of Contents'
2001\03\30@194243 by Sean H. Breheny

'[AD]: Need some FPGA work done..'
2001\04\01@234601 by Chris Eddy
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Bouncing from Texas again?'
2001\04\02@051552 by John Lawton Electronics
'[OT]: [ADMIN]: FW: The Natural Life Cycle Of Maili'
2001\04\02@113707 by jamesnewton
'[PICLIST] all: [ADMIN]: DNS change for PICLIST.COM'
2001\04\02@120346 by James Newton
'all: [ADMIN]: DNS change for PICLIST.COM, use PICL'
2001\04\02@120346 by James Newton
'[OT]: [ADMIN]: FW: The Natural Life Cycle Of Maili'
2001\04\02@124426 by Dan Michaels
'[OT]: [ADMIN] FW: Duplicate Posting problem'
2001\04\02@131014 by jamesnewton
'[OT]: [ADMIN]: FW: The Natural Life Cycle Of Maili'
2001\04\02@135320 by jamesnewton
2001\04\03@043725 by Vasile Surducan
'[OT]: [ADMIN] FW: Duplicate Posting problem'
2001\04\03@071247 by Quentin
'[AD]: Having more fun than allowed'
2001\04\03@091223 by chuck
'[OT]: [ADMIN] FW: Duplicate Posting problem'
2001\04\03@123939 by Dan Michaels
2001\04\03@124744 by Dan Michaels
2001\04\03@143410 by jamesnewton
'[AD]: Good Deal on a New Picstart Plus'
2001\04\09@110150 by T C
2001\04\09@111821 by Rob S
2001\04\09@183934 by rad0
'[AD]: Prototype Pocket Program auction supports pi'
2001\04\10@030729 by James Newton
'[AD]: Auctions'
2001\04\10@092625 by Bob Ammerman
'[AD]: Promate-II on eBay'
2001\04\10@191003 by Bob Ammerman
'[AD]: PicStart Plus'
2001\04\14@204958 by T C
'[AD]: new version of picall software'
2001\04\14@220921 by Peter Crowcroft
'[AD]: new Basic18 Version Released'
2001\04\17@124453 by Eric James
'[AD]:PICMASTER for 16C6x,7x, and 16F8x PICs'
2001\04\18@155314 by J. Delmonico
'[AD]: Portable PicMaster setup.'
2001\04\21@161733 by John Craft
'[AD]: PICSTART For Sale c/w assorted PIC's'
2001\04\23@173923 by Hugh Demann
'[AD]: FOR SALE PIC Millenium board starter kit'
2001\04\23@174827 by Hugh Demann
'[AD]: [OT]: Battery surplus'
2001\04\26@110253 by tcrist
'[AD]: Battery surplus'
2001\04\26@140529 by jamesnewton
2001\04\26@144411 by Tcrist
'[AD]: [OT]: Battery surplus'
2001\04\27@015341 by Vasile Surducan

'[AD]: qty. 1000 - PIC16F876 - DIP - 4Mhz availabl'
2001\05\01@020214 by shane
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Piclist on Usenet?'
2001\05\01@041036 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2001\05\01@082800 by John Pfaff
2001\05\01@102928 by Tom Crane
2001\05\01@105751 by Bob Ammerman
'[AD]: ICDor PIC'
2001\05\01@153244 by Octavio P Nogueira
'[AD]: How to pay?'
2001\05\03@180800 by Olin Lathrop
2001\05\04@014026 by Damon Hopkins
2001\05\04@024235 by Bill Westfield
2001\05\04@085336 by Olin Lathrop
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Piclist on Usenet?'
2001\05\04@151336 by Tom Crane
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]:Posting schematics'
2001\05\06@114249 by rottosen
2001\05\07@185338 by Peter L. Peres
'[AD]: Battery surplus'
2001\05\07@215511 by Brian Reed
2001\05\07@220823 by Ethan Swint
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]:Posting schematics'
2001\05\07@220851 by Herbert Graf
'[AD]: Battery surplus'
2001\05\07@221746 by Bob Ammerman
2001\05\08@010532 by Bob Blick
2001\05\08@075038 by Martin Wehner
2001\05\08@093841 by Olin Lathrop
2001\05\08@102307 by Lawrence Lile
2001\05\08@105439 by David VanHorn
2001\05\08@112336 by Dan Larson
2001\05\08@160448 by goflo
2001\05\08@162700 by Peter Tiang
2001\05\08@172508 by goflo
2001\05\09@025140 by Peter Tiang
2001\05\09@152426 by goflo
'[AD]: PIC16C66-04/SP, 200k pieces need a good home'
2001\05\10@145020 by John Aeder
'[AD]: [PIC]: PIC16C66-04/SP, 200k pieces need a go'
2001\05\11@060339 by Roman Black
'[AD]: Basic18 new release'
2001\05\11@115040 by Eric James
'[AD]: Surplus Items - Tele Board, etc'
2001\05\12@185830 by Dan Michaels
'[AD]: Need a VB RS232 Guy for a quick mop up proje'
2001\05\16@225546 by James Newton
'[AD]: Electroplater and P-200 processor'
2001\05\19@152949 by Andy N1YEW
2001\05\19@200811 by jamesnewton
2001\05\19@221842 by michael brown
2001\05\20@052431 by Mg
2001\05\20@073653 by Andy N1YEW
2001\05\20@081412 by michael brown
'[AD]: Need a VB RS232 programmer urgently'
2001\05\21@121739 by jamesnewton
2001\05\21@125032 by Chris Carr
2001\05\21@134809 by Chris Carr
2001\05\21@141643 by Sam Linder
2001\05\21@143614 by Eric James
2001\05\22@091724 by Olin Lathrop
2001\05\22@095325 by Kevin Blain
2001\05\22@100228 by rwyoung
2001\05\22@101901 by Alan B. Pearce
2001\05\22@123921 by jamesnewton
2001\05\22@165620 by Patrik Husfloen
2001\05\22@184021 by Dave King
2001\05\22@185049 by ron
2001\05\22@231548 by michael brown
2001\05\23@043201 by Alan B. Pearce
2001\05\23@071947 by michael brown
'[AD]: Fw: BCRA Clam Boil, Chicken BBQ, & Flea Mark'
2001\05\24@122917 by Andy Kelley N1YEW
'[AD]: anybody want the electroplater?'
2001\05\25@084529 by Andy N1YEW
2001\05\25@094046 by James Paul
2001\05\25@131149 by Andy N1YEW
2001\05\25@131608 by Andy N1YEW
2001\05\25@161811 by James Paul
2001\05\25@174605 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza
2001\05\26@122235 by Andy N1YEW
2001\05\26@122857 by Andy N1YEW
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: message order is broken'
2001\05\28@154952 by joan
'[PICLIST] [Admin]: Digest seems to have problem'
2001\05\29@080105 by Sudol, Pete J (L-M)
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Digest problems'
2001\05\29@111414 by miked
'[AD]: DC-DC Converter Modules'
2001\05\29@201941 by rchock, Steve
'[AD]: anybody want the electroplater?'
2001\05\29@201954 by Andy N1YEW
'[AD]: DC-DC Converter Modules'
2001\05\29@203154 by rchock, Steve
'[AD]: anybody want the electroplater?'
2001\05\29@211918 by Jim Paul
'[PICLIST] [Admin]: Digest seems to have problem'
2001\05\31@041557 by Alan Shinn
'[PICLIST] [ADMMIN]:Missing Email in digest'
2001\05\31@045831 by Clive Frederickson
'[PICLIST] [Admin]: Digest seems to have problem'
2001\05\31@131202 by Peter L. Peres
2001\05\31@165342 by Scott Stephens

'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]:Missing Email in digest'
2001\06\01@042346 by Clive Frederickson
'[AD]: Rework station for sale'
2001\06\01@163628 by Patrik Husfloen
'[PICLIST] ALL: [ADMIN]: Bounces yet again.'
2001\06\01@224921 by James Newton. Admin 3
2001\06\01@224921 by James Newton. Admin 3
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Bounces yet again.'
2001\06\01@232451 by Martin Wehner
'[PICLIST] ALL: [ADMIN]: Bounces yet again.'
2001\06\02@101322 by Olin Lathrop
2001\06\02@101322 by Olin Lathrop
2001\06\02@123004 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\02@123004 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\02@153204 by Olin Lathrop
2001\06\02@153204 by Olin Lathrop
2001\06\02@154026 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\02@154026 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\02@220313 by Olin Lathrop
2001\06\02@220313 by Olin Lathrop
'[ad]:Hardware for Microchip AN731 Embedded Webserv'
2001\06\03@175434 by richard
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Digest Problems'
2001\06\05@101145 by miked
'[AD]: Embedded S/W Job Opening, NW Chicago Suburbs'
2001\06\06@112206 by Patrick, John
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Re: Digest Problem (was Re: Di'
2001\06\06@132918 by Alan Shinn
'[AD]: True 100 MIPS ICD with a PIC compatible proc'
2001\06\06@174526 by jamesnewton
'[PICLIST] [admin]: Busted Digest'
2001\06\07@133220 by jamesnewton
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Digest Problems'
2001\06\07@135022 by Peter L. Peres
'[AD]: Connectors for NiMH batteries recently obtai'
2001\06\11@170624 by Bob Ammerman
2001\06\11@201426 by James Newton. Admin 3
'[AD]: NiMH batteries recently obtained by PICLIST '
2001\06\11@204611 by Bill Westfield
2001\06\11@210028 by David VanHorn
2001\06\11@235112 by Bill Westfield
'[AD]: Connectors for NiMH batteries recently obtai'
2001\06\12@041217 by Roman Black
2001\06\12@090642 by Olin Lathrop
2001\06\12@090647 by Olin Lathrop
2001\06\12@093907 by M. Adam Davis
2001\06\12@102328 by mike
2001\06\12@112534 by Dale Botkin
'[AD]: Employment Opportunity'
2001\06\13@130105 by tcrist
'[AD]: New Basic18 Version Released'
2001\06\19@160847 by Eric James
2001\06\20@225441 by James Strelchun
'[PIC]: PIC tools/auctions - was ICE [AD]:'
2001\06\21@231453 by Dan Michaels
2001\06\21@234426 by Randy Glenn
'[AD]: Basic18 Bug Fix Released'
2001\06\22@085628 by Eric James
'[PIC]: PIC tools/auctions - was ICE [AD]:'
2001\06\22@114531 by jamesnewton
2001\06\22@115205 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\22@115609 by Dan Michaels
2001\06\22@121446 by Dan Michaels
2001\06\22@134338 by Douglas Butler
'[AD]: Connectors for NiMH batteries recently obtai'
2001\06\26@222818 by Bob Ammerman
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: scrambled List delivery Help!!'
2001\06\27@012326 by Dave Bell
'[AD]: Embedded engineer wanted'
2001\06\27@180734 by Olin Lathrop

'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: scrambled List delivery Help!!'
2001\07\01@201742 by miked
'[AD]: Connectors for NiMH batteries recently obtai'
2001\07\04@124713 by Bob Ammerman
2001\07\04@130405 by jim
'[AD]: Basic18 Version 1.6 released'
2001\07\06@091017 by Eric James
'[AD]: PICs for sale'
2001\07\08@082344 by Snail Instruments
2001\07\08@084335 by McMeikan, Andrew
2001\07\08@085052 by Paulo de Almeida
2001\07\08@134928 by rottosen
2001\07\08@142051 by Dan Michaels
2001\07\09@070535 by Snail Instruments
2001\07\09@070538 by Snail Instruments
'[PICLIST] [AD] New! SX and PIC C compiler!'
2001\07\10@175618 by Bryan
2001\07\10@180357 by Randy Glenn
2001\07\10@190259 by Bryan
'[AD]: NEW! SX and PIC C compiler !'
2001\07\10@190304 by Bryan
'[AD]: PICs for sale'
2001\07\11@165606 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: List was mined again'
2001\07\12@150232 by Peter L. Peres
'[AD]: PICs for sale'
2001\07\13@125514 by lester
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]:Problem reading PICLISTDigest'
2001\07\13@205415 by Eric Strauts
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Problem reading PICLIST Digest'
2001\07\15@232958 by Dale Botkin
'[AD]: TechTools PicWriter For Sale'
2001\07\17@200319 by Brent A. Crosby
'[AD]: IVEX WinBoard PCB Design For Sale'
2001\07\17@215836 by Mike Hardwick
'[AD]: TechTools PicWriter For Sale'
2001\07\21@161844 by Brent A. Crosby
'[AD]:Power Supplies'
2001\07\23@020950 by Douglas Wood
2001\07\23@022030 by Douglas Wood
'[AD]:Re: Power Supplies'
2001\07\23@032338 by Arpit
'[AD]: Power Supplies -- for sale -- Phihong PSA-18'
2001\07\23@035923 by Ron Anthony
'[AD]:Re: Power Supplies'
2001\07\23@084615 by Douglas Wood
'[AD]:Power Supplies'
2001\07\23@100548 by James Paul
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Virus Alert'
2001\07\25@111039 by Byron A Jeff
'[AD] : Free site for programming PIC micros in C'
2001\07\25@195549 by shane
2001\07\26@130405 by mark

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