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'$8 servos and BAL6686 H-bridges'
1997\11\16@204402 by Bob Blick

The TS-53 servos are on sale at Tower Hobbies(
) and I got several of them to have around.

I needed some geared-down motors for a toy I'm building, so I took out the
electronics and potentiometer from a couple of these, and cut off the
plastic stops to allow continuous rotation. Works just fine.

I was going to hook it to an H-bridge to drive it, but notice that the guts
I removed consist of a small PCB with two chips, and one of them is an
H-bridge that works just fine for my purposes. Definitely got my $8 worth.

I'm thinking that such a chip would prove useful for other applications,
but it appears to be made by Rohm. The part number is BAL6686. I've been
quite disappointed in Rohm in the past, since they have been way too big
and unresponsive to deal with me(I wanted to order 40,000 parts and they
shined me on) even through their local distributor, Elrepco.

Does anyone know about this chip, and taking it one step further, the name
and number of a Rohm distributor who is not a total dill-weed?



1997\11\18@131849 by Eric van Es


Have you checked out what the guys on the comp.robotic.misc discussion group
are suggesting for your propeller clock? Sounds _very_ interesting!

Go have a look


Eric van Es               | Cape Town, South Africa |

'$8 servos and BAL6686 H-bridges'
1997\12\05@122757 by Alan King
picon face

 You should see the BA6208 about halfway down the list for $1.37 or

Bob Blick wrote:
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