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'$199 logic analyzer - reply from manufacturer'
1995\11\13@200441 by Mani Omid

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To our valued customers:

We would be glad to upgrade your system FREE OF CHARGE.  Simply return your
unit with a simple reference to this note.  I believe you will enjoy our new
system.  We would appreciate your feedback.  Thanks for your support!

ProBoard Circuits
100 Market Street, Unit 16
Galveston, Texas 77550
Phone:  (409)762-5436
Fax:  (409)762-4167

For those readers wondering what this note is all about:

We at ProBoard Circuits offer a 50Mhz. 24 channel logic analyzer for only
For more information, either call, fax, or email to
watch for our upcoming homepage with click on access to software upgrades!

1995\11\14@092402 by Juan Jose Abba

Pls send full details of your logic analizer via e-mail
if I decide, I will order directly  through our broker at the USA.
Juan Abba

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